January 17, 2017

Gratitude for 2016

Happy New Year!

Now that we are well into the first month of the year, I thought I would put my thoughts of last year on paper. This is a bit late due to...well, life as usual!

Pretty much all major life events happened last year - I was laid off from my job, I broke up with a guy (a first for me since it's usually the reverse), started a new job, quit my career in adtech, became critically ill, and started a new career in child care. Yup, those moments sum up my 2016. Through it all, God was always by my side and continues to be with me. He comforted me in times of uncertainty and fear, destroyed negative thoughts that enveloped my mind about my self worth, healed my body, and gave me courage to make difficult decisions.

The outcome of each of these events led me to - gratitude. Emerging from heartache, pain, uncertainty, and fear brought forth this huge heart of thanksgiving. Life was put into perspective after my health scare - I had a new outlook on life. I realized God gave us something so precious - he bestowed upon us His salvation, so that we can live this beautiful life. I don't want to waste a second. I'm so happy to be doing what I love - spending time with children. In the process, I'm learning to spend less and downsize - goodness knows how much money I wasted during times of stress...buying so many unnecessary items.

I'm so excited for this year! 2017 is going to be another beautiful year - I can't wait to pursue my new career, blog more, take a few trips out of country, and watch my very good friend get married - so much to look forward to this year!

I thought I'd save you the bore of reading through my new year resolutions but I sure do have them - I love creating goals and working towards them (although, I don't always meet them). What are your new year goals?

Happy 2017!

Was very excited to see snow in Portland, Oregon a week ago :)


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