January 24, 2017

Essential Oils

These are 3 essential oils that I believe every person should own. Of course, there are so many other wonderful essential oils I use, but I believe these 3 are beneficial for everyone.

I don't even know where to start with these all-star oils.

Lavender - Just amazing. I've blogged about lavender oil in the past here, but I wanted to reiterate the amazingness of this lovely oil. Lavender essential oil so great for your skin due to its antimicrobial properties. Lavender oil is mostly known for its calming abilities - just take a big whiff of this oil and don't tell me you're not instantly calmed. BUT - it's really a life saver for skin as well. I use it neat (apply oil directly to skin without diluting) to spot treat when I have an angry pimple and also mix it with my evening face lotion to prevent new blemishes from forming. Once I've done this, the scent of lavender lingers and lingers.

  • Mix it in your unscented body lotions and you'll have a lovely treat as well.
  • Add a couple drops into your mascara to condition your lashes - I love this b/c it makes my mascara smell like lavender too! You just need 1 or 2 drops.
  • Apply neat to pimples.
  • Add to your favorite face lotion to turn it into a skincare treatment.
  • Aromatherapy - add into your diffuser to help lull you to sleep or to freshen a room.
  • So many uses!

Peppermint - Again, amazing. I swear by this stuff! I could sit for hours just smelling this oil - it is so refreshing and uplifting. If you have any sort of bloating or a tummy ache - this oil is your stomach's best friend. I seriously lived off this oil when I was taking my medication because I had the worst bloating of my life. I drank so much peppermint tea and popped these softgels like no tomorrow. They are also great for muscle pain or soreness. I like to apply the oil directly to wherever I have a muscle ache and I feel immediate relief. It helps a lot with headaches as well - just massage your temples with this oil!

Find even more benefits of this amazing oil here.

Rosemary - Now, this is a new oil I've discovered. I use this mainly for one thing - hair and scalp treatments. I love this fragrant oil and it's supposed to be great for detoxifying your body. I have not tried taking this oil internally, but I LOVE rosemary in my meals, so I'm excited to try the oil for internal purposes. If you are going to take an essential oil internally, make sure you buy empty capsules, so you can fill them in with your favorite oils - I would never take these oils directly as it could irritate your esophagus/ throat/ stomach...or you can buy oil softgels (like the peppermint oil ones I use).

I have so many favorite oils (Frankincense, Jasmine, Rose, etc.), but I believe everybody can benefit from the 3 oils mentioned in this post. What are some of your favorite oils?


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