February 14, 2017

Beauty Review // bareMinerals Queen Phyllis

Oh my...I have owned this little piece of heaven for years, but only recently re-discovered it while cleaning out my makeup bins. I absolutely love bareMinerals Queen Phyllis eyeshadow! However, I don't use it as intended - thanks to Laura from buynow/bloglater, I've been using eye shadows as highlighters :)

A few posts back (ok, maybe several), I talked about how I desperately needed an eye brightener (here). I tried a few I had listed in my blog post, but none truly worked for my under eyes. So, then I resorted to using highlighter as an eye brightener - I liked the look (while others like my sister did not), but I didn't love it. I always used way too much highlighter (I love me some highlighter) and it was always a bit harsh under my eyes, BUT it looked better than the sallow skin that was underneath all the highlighter.

Then I decided to try Queen Phyllis to see how it would look under my eyes. And bam! This little beauty was amazing. It's also so versatile - yes, there is a pattern here - I love products that are multi-tasking. Since it's a loose powder it's so easy to blend in with my moisturizer as well to give that dewy look to my face. You can also use this as it's originally intended as an eyeshadow.

When you look at the powder it's a bit intimidating because all you see are flecks of glitter. However, when you apply to your skin, there's hardly any glitter - I would say this is more of a frost than glitter, but I'll be honest...you will see a few specks of glitter left on your skin. I don't mind a minimal amount, but for those that are glitter averse, I'd probably stay away from this powder.

Get it now while it's on sale/ in the last chance section of bareMinerals! I hope they do not discontinue this but it's not looking good that it's in the last chance section (sigh).

Happy Valentine's Day!


February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Ads

There's nothing more American than Super Bowl Sunday with all the food and commercials (plus puppy bowl, which is my favorite). I am certainly no sports buff, but I am reminded of my days in advertising with all the major ads we see during this sporting event.

These were some of my favorite ads this Super Bowl.

And Hyundai for the win! I disliked working with this client (mainly their agency) when I was in adtech, but honestly, this is the best commercial for so many reasons.  It truly has a soft spot with me as my brother is in the army and has been deployed to Afghanistan.

I hope you all had a wonderful Super Bowl celebration. I'm not an avid sports fan, but I've always cheered for the Patriots since my sister is pretty much a Bostonian and Tom Brady is from San Mateo!


January 29, 2017

Unshakable Faith

As I was listening to a sermon online, I felt it so deeply in my heart to quickly post about unmovable faith (sermon linked here for reference).

In light of everything that is going on in the world and in my life, I pray wholeheartedly for unshakeable faith from the Lord. At the moment, my country is going through uncertainty and turmoil with the new President and I'm questioning my own career change - doubts of how I will make a living with what I enjoy doing.

I know my life is in God's hands. He has a plan for me and for you. We must always continue to trust in Jesus. We must endure and have faith.

I pray for the enduring faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, David, and so many more who wholeheartedly trusted in the Lord, especially, in uncertain and troubled times.

Hope you had a blessed weekend.

January 27, 2017

Weleda Skin Food

Ah, how I do love thee.

I'm a sucker for all things natural or holistic and this cream is the real deal. It is a heavy duty, soothing, almost ointment like cream. Honestly, this is the only cream that works for my dry feet. Also, I just don't understand why my feet get so dry in the first place!

I slather this cream onto my feet, put on some comfy socks, and let my skin just soak it in. It even moisturizes my toe nails. This may be TMI, but my big toe nail was so dry and flakey (I thought I might have toe nail fungus), but as soon as I applied this cream onto my feet 2-3 nights in a row, the dryness and flakiness vanished. The skin on my feet and my nails were so nourished by this cream.

Once in a while I'll use this as a hand cream/ body cream when my skin is severely dry, but I don't like to use it too often in that manner since it is pretty greasy. Some folks even like using this as their face cream or as a moisturizing mask. Unfortunately, this cream is too heavy for my oily face and clogged my pores, but for those with extreme dryness on their face - this would be heaven sent! Also, makeup artists use this as a highlight on models' cheekbones to create a glow - seriously, there is so much versatility to this cream.

The smell of this is so delicious (to me). Some say they do not like the herbal, citrusy scent, but I love the light and refreshing scent that lingers once applied. Plus, it's so affordable and is easily available - find it online or at Target.

Here is what Weleda's website has to say about their Skin Food.

If you are in need of a deeply moisturizing cream, Weleda Skin Food will be your holy grail.

Happy Friday!

January 24, 2017

Essential Oils

These are 3 essential oils that I believe every person should own. Of course, there are so many other wonderful essential oils I use, but I believe these 3 are beneficial for everyone.

I don't even know where to start with these all-star oils.

Lavender - Just amazing. I've blogged about lavender oil in the past here, but I wanted to reiterate the amazingness of this lovely oil. Lavender essential oil so great for your skin due to its antimicrobial properties. Lavender oil is mostly known for its calming abilities - just take a big whiff of this oil and don't tell me you're not instantly calmed. BUT - it's really a life saver for skin as well. I use it neat (apply oil directly to skin without diluting) to spot treat when I have an angry pimple and also mix it with my evening face lotion to prevent new blemishes from forming. Once I've done this, the scent of lavender lingers and lingers.

  • Mix it in your unscented body lotions and you'll have a lovely treat as well.
  • Add a couple drops into your mascara to condition your lashes - I love this b/c it makes my mascara smell like lavender too! You just need 1 or 2 drops.
  • Apply neat to pimples.
  • Add to your favorite face lotion to turn it into a skincare treatment.
  • Aromatherapy - add into your diffuser to help lull you to sleep or to freshen a room.
  • So many uses!

Peppermint - Again, amazing. I swear by this stuff! I could sit for hours just smelling this oil - it is so refreshing and uplifting. If you have any sort of bloating or a tummy ache - this oil is your stomach's best friend. I seriously lived off this oil when I was taking my medication because I had the worst bloating of my life. I drank so much peppermint tea and popped these softgels like no tomorrow. They are also great for muscle pain or soreness. I like to apply the oil directly to wherever I have a muscle ache and I feel immediate relief. It helps a lot with headaches as well - just massage your temples with this oil!

Find even more benefits of this amazing oil here.

Rosemary - Now, this is a new oil I've discovered. I use this mainly for one thing - hair and scalp treatments. I love this fragrant oil and it's supposed to be great for detoxifying your body. I have not tried taking this oil internally, but I LOVE rosemary in my meals, so I'm excited to try the oil for internal purposes. If you are going to take an essential oil internally, make sure you buy empty capsules, so you can fill them in with your favorite oils - I would never take these oils directly as it could irritate your esophagus/ throat/ stomach...or you can buy oil softgels (like the peppermint oil ones I use).

I have so many favorite oils (Frankincense, Jasmine, Rose, etc.), but I believe everybody can benefit from the 3 oils mentioned in this post. What are some of your favorite oils?


January 17, 2017

Gratitude for 2016

Happy New Year!

Now that we are well into the first month of the year, I thought I would put my thoughts of last year on paper. This is a bit late due to...well, life as usual!

Pretty much all major life events happened last year - I was laid off from my job, I broke up with a guy (a first for me since it's usually the reverse), started a new job, quit my career in adtech, became critically ill, and started a new career in child care. Yup, those moments sum up my 2016. Through it all, God was always by my side and continues to be with me. He comforted me in times of uncertainty and fear, destroyed negative thoughts that enveloped my mind about my self worth, healed my body, and gave me courage to make difficult decisions.

The outcome of each of these events led me to - gratitude. Emerging from heartache, pain, uncertainty, and fear brought forth this huge heart of thanksgiving. Life was put into perspective after my health scare - I had a new outlook on life. I realized God gave us something so precious - he bestowed upon us His salvation, so that we can live this beautiful life. I don't want to waste a second. I'm so happy to be doing what I love - spending time with children. In the process, I'm learning to spend less and downsize - goodness knows how much money I wasted during times of stress...buying so many unnecessary items.

I'm so excited for this year! 2017 is going to be another beautiful year - I can't wait to pursue my new career, blog more, take a few trips out of country, and watch my very good friend get married - so much to look forward to this year!

I thought I'd save you the bore of reading through my new year resolutions but I sure do have them - I love creating goals and working towards them (although, I don't always meet them). What are your new year goals?

Happy 2017!

Was very excited to see snow in Portland, Oregon a week ago :)

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