December 11, 2016

NYX Lip Products

Wearing Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. Excuse the greasy hair and pimple by the eyebrow.

I am so late to the game on NYX lip products. I've used NYX before (eyeliners, blushes, eye shadows), but for some reason I was never compelled to try their lip products. Suffice to say, I held off for a long time. Every time I walked into an Ulta store, I would peruse the NYX section, look at the lip colors, and just convince myself that these lip glosses and lip creams would never work for my finicky lips - read dry and sensitive where product clings to the lovely dry patches - it's a real beauty.

For some odd reason, as soon as I was released from the hospital I had this urge to try NYX lip products. Well, to be honest, prior to getting sick, I had been on the hunt for an awesome lip gloss/ lip balm. I had taken a trip to Sephora right before I got sick and had tried the YSL lip oil tints - loved the color, hated the consistency/ texture. I'm currently on a budget (which I urge everyone to do, I resisted for the longest time and now I'm shocked at how much money I wasted), so I knew NYX was affordable and hey, if I didn't like the product, I could just return it - no loss there.

My first trip alone after the hospital was to a CVS! Exciting, I know. While picking up some necessities, I wandered into the cosmetics aisle and saw a huge NYX display. They had some lovely colors that I just couldn't resist. I grabbed a Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. Love love love. See below for why I love this so much.

  • Smooth application - Wet formula so you can dab the color on with the wand, then smooth out with finger
  • Longevity - Sometimes I test how long wearing a lip product is by taking a shower. Silly, I know, but it works for me. I'll apply a lip product about 5-10 minutes before a shower. Take a nice hot shower and then post-shower look in the mirror to see if the color is still on. Most of the time any lip product I'm wearing has worn off from the heat and water beating down my lips. However, Monte Carlo (since I wore it as a stain), was still as vibrant as when I first applied pre-shower. Plus it stayed on through dinner too! That was a good 5-6 hours of wear on my lips including the hot shower.
  • Color - I absolutely love this bright red/pink color of Monte Carlo. It brightens my skin tone beautifully.

Now, there are a few things I dislike about the soft matte lip creams.

  • Application - I know, I just wrote above how much I love the application, but it is a little tricky (which I don't mind). Here's my technique in application - it takes a few minutes, which some people may find a nuisance. 1) Apply lip balm to ensure lips are moisturized 2) Wait about 5 minutes then apply NYX butter gloss (love this as well) - this just makes your lips even more moisturized and slick, which I need right now, since the medication I'm on makes my entire body so dry 3) Wait about 5-10 mins then apply the soft matte lip cream. You can then apply a couple layers for a really vibrant matte look or for a soft stain, I like to apply then dab off with a tissue, then apply another thin layer on top. Wearing as a stain makes the color last for hours!
  • Smell/ Taste - Initial smell/ taste is gross for me - not sure how to describe it but there is a definite smell to this. After a few minutes once the product dries, the smell dissipates but just as a warning this is annoying for those sensitive to scents.
  • Inconsistency with Colors - Not all soft matte lip creams are created equally. So far, I've tried 3 and I've noticed the really dark berry/ vampy colors are so hard to apply. I purchased Copenhagen, which looked beautiful from the swatches online BUT, it was so clumpy and dry in real life. I could barely get the color onto my lips without the cream crumbling off. That was quickly returned for Madrid. Madrid is a beautiful dark berry as well and not as dry as Copenhagen, but drier than Monte Carlo. I like Madrid, but it's definitely much harder to apply than Monte Carlo, which has a more fluid/ wet texture that dries matte. 
I'm excited to try more of the bright colors in the soft matte lip cream family.

Also, NYX's butter glosses are similar to the lip creams - they all seem to have the same texture/ consistency but their scents differ! Why must you do this NYX? I first bought Strawberry Parfait - I liked the shine but was a bit disappointed by the lack of pigment on my lips. I wanted something a bit stronger and more noticeable in color. I did love the scent - a creamy vanilla! I then purchased Sugar Cookie thinking the scent would be the same - creamy vanilla, however, I was sorely disappointed. The scent of this gloss is more chemically, which I'm not a fan of at all. I do, however, love the color of this gloss, but I don't see myself reaching for it that often due to the strange scent. Again, the scent goes away after a few minutes just like the lip creams.

All in all, I'm greatly impressed by NYX's lip products. I'm excited to try more of their lip creams, their glosses, and maybe even venture into their lipsticks.

What do you think of NYX's lip products?


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