October 16, 2016

What Have I Been up to...

Last week was my first week of freedom and it sure felt nice. I slept in, worked out, made appointments (dentist and doctor), went to said appointments, prayed, hiked, enjoyed walks in the park, and spent time with family and friends. Oh, and there was a little shopping involved...I couldn't help it :)

During this time off, I'm really focusing on healing my body. I am someone who is prone to stress (and anxiety) and have always let stress overrun my life, but now as I get older, my body cannot take the abuse. I'm really focusing on healing my gut by taking supplements, trying to eat healthier, exercising, and sleeping more. I feel that most of my issues stem from my digestive tract. I've grown up with a sensitive digestive system (thanks, dad) and with years of abuse (copious amounts of soda not enough water, dairy, gluten, coffee, etc.) - I have now developed heart burn, allergies to dairy, and sensitivity to gluten. I'm not sure I'm seeing any major results just yet, but I am trying my hardest to make this a lifestyle change.

This coming week I will be sleeping in (just a little more), meeting a friend for lunch, hiking in nature, and flying to Boston! I can't wait to see my sister and spend time exploring more of New England. I love the charm of New England and spending time with my little sister. After that I'll be headed to Lake Tahoe with friends to spend Halloween and celebrate some October birthdays!

On a side note, I've been having horrible migraines lately...I think it's due to my flu transforming into a sinus infection (yay) so, I wasn't able to attend church this morning. However, my church is doing a heartfelt series on it's ok to not be ok...which is so true. I watched this beautiful sermon today online and it resonated with me so deeply as I live in anxiety. I've never been prescribed any medication and I'm not sure my anxiety is severe enough, although, at times, I think I should be on something :/ Anyway, I hope you have a chance to watch this sermon and that it ministers to your heart and soul.

I hope you are enjoying your fall! Xoxo

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