September 8, 2016

Life Isn't So Bad

Days like today have me feeling so low and emotional. It's the first day of my time of the month and I'm still recovering from my flu, so I've got all sorts of emotions going through my sleep deprived and food deprived mind (thank you, all night coughing and lack of appetite). All I can think are negative much I hate my day job (and that I will never find a job I am passionate about), how I can't stop coughing, that I'm still sick and can't enjoy this beautiful weather, how my life is not as glamorous as a famous blogger, and so and so on. Honestly, I could keep going.

I remember reading an article on depression a few years ago. This article mentioned that people who were grateful had less depression. One way to implement gratitude was to write down a few things you were grateful for before you went to bed. Writing down what you're thankful for made you focus on the positive and less on the negative.

I used to write down 5 things I was thankful for and 5 things I wanted the Lord's help on...and yes, this truly helped eradicate my depression and low moments. Then I got lazy and stopped doing this activity. Tonight I began writing in my beautiful shabby chic notebook remind me of all the positives in my life and the abundance I have from God.

I took my negative thoughts and turned them into positives. Here's a quick snapshot of what I'm grateful for today.

Today I praise God for...
*Having a job - it may not be my dream job, I may not enjoy the people I work with, but it allows me to have food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in. It also allows me the flexibility to work from home when needed. THANK YOU LORD.
*His Healing - my flu is not completely gone, but I no longer have a fever and I'm able to have a conversation for a few minutes without it turning into a violent cough. The Lord is healing me from this awful flu.
*Flowers - just looking at them brings an instant smile to my face
*Vacations - this weekend I plan to take a trip with friends! Excited to take time off work, relax, and have fun.
*Friends and Family - those closest to me know that I've been unhappy with my job, so they have been helping me look for new opportunities. I have amazing loved ones!

Have you tried this approach for your depression or even those ugly moments when negative thoughts try to invade and tell you lies? Focusing on the positive is such a great way to give thanks to the Lord and boost your mood. What are you grateful for today?

I hope you are having a joy filled night with lots of love, gratitude, and positive thoughts! Xo

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