September 26, 2016

I Quit My Job

Get ready for a long post. If you're not in the mood to read about quitting jobs and starting all over again - you probably don't want to read this post. Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable.

I've made it very clear to my family and friends how I despise my current job. I think they could just see the misery written all over my face - when I went bridesmaids dress shopping, one of the girls who is a momma and works part-time said to me "you look exhausted". Yes, a working mom told me, a single girl with no kids, I look tired.

I take the long 2 hour commute in the morning (that's just one-way mind you, so 4 hours total commute time) and just become angrier and angrier by the time I arrive into the office. Angry because of my long commute, angry because I have to deal with so many rude people, angry because there are so many inconsistencies at work, and so on and so on. Now, I've never loved any job I've held. I've been grateful to the Lord for always providing me with incredible opportunities and an income, but I've never been that passionate about what I do. Please don't think I'm a stuck up millennial that just throws away a career, work, and an income just because I'm not happy while there are millions who would love to have my job - it's so much more than that. I know the value of hard a fault. I'm what you can call a workaholic...with the unfortunate outcome of being burned out.

At the moment, I'm currently at a crossroads - which direction do I take? Do I quit the adtech industry that I've worked in altogether...but then what? I have no special talents - no artistic abilities, no hidden talent. I have no idea as to what my next move is when I leave my current role. The only thing I'm certain quitting. I need to quit for so many reasons - my health, my sanity, and a hope for something better and more meaningful. Quitting allows me to make room for something great - what that "great thing" is, I have yet to discover.

This decision has been weighing heavily on my heart for the last few months. I've always been the overly cautious, worry-about-every-miniscule-thing type of person. Me 5 years ago would never ever leave a job before having another job ready and waiting for me to fallback on. I've never been a risk-taker or throw caution to the wind type of girl - I'm the exact opposite. And here I am...writing this post in my bed after having made 2 difficult career decisions today.

ONE - I officially put in my 2 week notice at my current work place with no future opportunity waiting for me as a back-up.

TWO - I officially told a previous manager that was scouting me to join her team at another advertising & marketing company - thank you, but no thank is not the right time.

Quitting and saying no - these are both scary things. I'm currently terrified, excited, hopeful, and overwhelmed. I've never done anything like this before and it is very uncharacteristic of me. I'm hoping that my story helps others who feel trapped in a career that gives them anxiety and overwhelming stress to courageously move forward - whether that's quitting their current job or taking the path less traveled.

I still have 2 more weeks at my current job, which is going to be filled with lots of questions from coworkers, stressful moments of transitioning accounts, and having to tell my clients I'm leaving. Amidst all the stress, I am so grateful to God. I'm so thankful for all the experiences he's given me. I've been blessed to work at some incredible large companies as well as small, nimble start ups. I've met some of my best friends at these companies and have been so blessed to have had a chance to work alongside them. I will cherish those experiences and still cannot believe I can say I've worked at both Google and Yahoo.

I hope you will follow me on my unconventional journey as I discover my next chapter in life. I feel that I've done what I was always "supposed" to do and what was expected of me - attend a 4 year university (which was amazing & I would never change that experience), graduate, and work in business. I've done that for the last 10 years (unhappily). Now I'm ready for something different, for something more.


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