September 4, 2016

How to Feel Better When You're Sick

I've been sick this Labor Day weekend. No fun at all. While everyone is out and about in the beautifully mild weather, I've been coughing my head off with chills (oh, the joys of a mild fever) and a runny nose. Here are a few tips I found to help while I'm feeling ill.

I am no doctor, so please do use your own judgement with any of these items I've listed. They help me with the common cold/ flu symptoms, but I know what works for me does not always work for you.

1) Fluids - It's true...drink tons of water, herbal tea, lemon water plus honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted in water) plus honey. It's crazy how fast you become dehydrated when you're ill. Once I started drinking the ACV plus honey, my body started to expel the trapped mucous, which helped lessen the sore throat and coughing. Also, take vitamins! I try to load up on vitamin C while I'm sick.

2) Sleep - This is also an old but true adage. While you're sick, get more sleep than normal because your body is fighting to heal and return to its normal state. You will feel more fatigued than usual, so it's important to add in those extra Zzzs. I force myself to get more sleep during this time because I know this will help me recover more quickly. Yay for naps!

3) Do things you love - Of course this is limited to indoor activities because I wouldn't say you should go swimming while you're sick if you love being in the water...but watching your favorite shows (I've been having a Law & Order: SVU marathon) or online shopping or even blogging can help you feel better and distract you from all the fun your friends are having during the holiday.

4) Squeeze in some Jesus time - Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is read when you're sick, but praying, reading the word, and spending quality time with the Lord will boost your mood :)

5) Eat - Again, the last thing you want to do is eat while you're sick. My appetite greatly decreases when I'm not feeling well...mainly because it's hard for me to breathe and eat simultaneously when I'm coughing my head off. However, it is important to get some nutritious meals so your body can fuel up and fight whatever is causing you to feel ill. Some of my favorites are oatmeal and soups - these are so soothing for those with sore throats and gentle on your stomache.

6) Take Medicine - If all else fails and you must go out as we all have responsibilities and obligations - take some over-the-counter meds to help alleviate some of the favorite is works really well for me. Taking over the counter medicine is my last resort because I try to go the holistic route of taking vitamins and herbs. However, taking medicine is a quick fix that works when you must function as's like placing a bandaid over a's only temporary. Please do your own research and make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients or medicines before taking and always follow the dosage instructions on the box or bottle. I will be taking some Mucinex before I go out tonight to a friend's place. Also, if you must go out, carry a few cough drops with you just in case you have a coughing fit.

7) Hot Showers - I enjoy taking hot showers, because the steam helps to open up my sinuses and also helps to alleviate some of the soreness in my throat - this means I can breathe from my nose and swallow for a short period of time. It's also very relaxing and will help lull you into getting more rest. I'm doing that just now...took a hot shower and about to take a nap :) During this time, I like to inhale peppermint essential oil as it clears up my sinuses even more, providing temporary relief.

I hope you are enjoying a healthy Labor Day weekend and not ending summer with a cold like me! Xo

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