September 2, 2016

Gilmore Girls // A Year in the Life

I know it's only just September (and not even Labor day has passed yet), but who's excited for the return of Gilmore Girls (on Netflix)...this girl!

Growing up I didn't have access to cable and wasn't able to watch a lot of mainstream TV shows due to my strict parents, but as an adult when I signed up for Netflix (and cancelled my cable as I was paying an arm and a leg for it), Gilmore Girls was one of the first shows I watched. It did not disappoint. I imagined living in a quaint little town like Stars Hollow, drinking coffee all day, and working in a cute inn! Also, the mother-daughter relationship in the storyline is just the sweetest.

After tough days at work, I'd come home and watch a few episodes...I'd be swept away into Lorelai and Rory's fun yet complex life in their New England home. Gilmore Girls was definitely one of my ways to decompress after stressful days at work.

I can't wait for the girls to return on November 25th - I'll just have to re-watch episodes until Thanksgiving weekend :) Once released, I will be binge watching the new episodes all weekend long!


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