September 26, 2016

I Quit My Job

Get ready for a long post. If you're not in the mood to read about quitting jobs and starting all over again - you probably don't want to read this post. Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable.

I've made it very clear to my family and friends how I despise my current job. I think they could just see the misery written all over my face - when I went bridesmaids dress shopping, one of the girls who is a momma and works part-time said to me "you look exhausted". Yes, a working mom told me, a single girl with no kids, I look tired.

I take the long 2 hour commute in the morning (that's just one-way mind you, so 4 hours total commute time) and just become angrier and angrier by the time I arrive into the office. Angry because of my long commute, angry because I have to deal with so many rude people, angry because there are so many inconsistencies at work, and so on and so on. Now, I've never loved any job I've held. I've been grateful to the Lord for always providing me with incredible opportunities and an income, but I've never been that passionate about what I do. Please don't think I'm a stuck up millennial that just throws away a career, work, and an income just because I'm not happy while there are millions who would love to have my job - it's so much more than that. I know the value of hard a fault. I'm what you can call a workaholic...with the unfortunate outcome of being burned out.

At the moment, I'm currently at a crossroads - which direction do I take? Do I quit the adtech industry that I've worked in altogether...but then what? I have no special talents - no artistic abilities, no hidden talent. I have no idea as to what my next move is when I leave my current role. The only thing I'm certain quitting. I need to quit for so many reasons - my health, my sanity, and a hope for something better and more meaningful. Quitting allows me to make room for something great - what that "great thing" is, I have yet to discover.

This decision has been weighing heavily on my heart for the last few months. I've always been the overly cautious, worry-about-every-miniscule-thing type of person. Me 5 years ago would never ever leave a job before having another job ready and waiting for me to fallback on. I've never been a risk-taker or throw caution to the wind type of girl - I'm the exact opposite. And here I am...writing this post in my bed after having made 2 difficult career decisions today.

ONE - I officially put in my 2 week notice at my current work place with no future opportunity waiting for me as a back-up.

TWO - I officially told a previous manager that was scouting me to join her team at another advertising & marketing company - thank you, but no thank is not the right time.

Quitting and saying no - these are both scary things. I'm currently terrified, excited, hopeful, and overwhelmed. I've never done anything like this before and it is very uncharacteristic of me. I'm hoping that my story helps others who feel trapped in a career that gives them anxiety and overwhelming stress to courageously move forward - whether that's quitting their current job or taking the path less traveled.

I still have 2 more weeks at my current job, which is going to be filled with lots of questions from coworkers, stressful moments of transitioning accounts, and having to tell my clients I'm leaving. Amidst all the stress, I am so grateful to God. I'm so thankful for all the experiences he's given me. I've been blessed to work at some incredible large companies as well as small, nimble start ups. I've met some of my best friends at these companies and have been so blessed to have had a chance to work alongside them. I will cherish those experiences and still cannot believe I can say I've worked at both Google and Yahoo.

I hope you will follow me on my unconventional journey as I discover my next chapter in life. I feel that I've done what I was always "supposed" to do and what was expected of me - attend a 4 year university (which was amazing & I would never change that experience), graduate, and work in business. I've done that for the last 10 years (unhappily). Now I'm ready for something different, for something more.


September 19, 2016

BECCA Cosmetics Luminous Blush // Currently Wishing

I went shopping with a friend yesterday and helped her pick some goodies as she starts her journey with makeup. While walking through the aisles, we stopped by the BECCA station and I could not keep my hands off the blushes.
I honestly fell in love with them all...especially Snapdragon, Dahlia, and Foxglove. They are so beautifully glowy and pigmented. Just a light tap of the blush on my finger was intense color. They're also so creamy for powder blushes (dare I say, even creamier than Nars powder blushes?). I love BECCA's Champagne Pop highlighter, so I know I will absolutely love her blushes.

Which color should I choose? Which one would you choose?


September 14, 2016

My Favorite YouTube Family // The SacconeJoly's

The SacconeJoly's

I've been watching this family for the last 3 years now. They are just the cutest! I fantasize having their life, lol. Emilia is the most charming little girl - she's no longer a chubby baby and has grown so much! Their videos always put a smile to my face and make any sad day a little brighter. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Jonathan, Anna, Emilia, and Eduardo :)

Ahhh, Anna - I miss you making videos...especially your vlogs and OOTDs. They were like the behind the scenes version of Jonathan's videos! I also miss your styled outfits post-baby, so I'm so excited you're pregnant again!

Happy Wednesday!


September 12, 2016

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Have you been using dry shampoo the right way?

I clearly have not.

When I recently highlighted my hair, the stylist asked if I used dry shampoo. I said I had used it before, but hated how my hair felt afterwards. Dry shampoo has always left a weird residue on my scalp that just never felt good. She immediately told me I was using it the wrong way. I wondered, "there's a right way to use it"? I had always thought there was only 1 way...apply to your roots when your hair is greasy. Nope. You're actually supposed to apply dry shampoo before your hair starts feeling greasy...this way the dry shampoo extends the clean feel on your scalp.

I tried this right before my Lake Tahoe trip and it worked perfectly!

My current favorite is the drybar's Detox dry shampoo...what's yours? Xoxo

September 8, 2016

Life Isn't So Bad

Days like today have me feeling so low and emotional. It's the first day of my time of the month and I'm still recovering from my flu, so I've got all sorts of emotions going through my sleep deprived and food deprived mind (thank you, all night coughing and lack of appetite). All I can think are negative much I hate my day job (and that I will never find a job I am passionate about), how I can't stop coughing, that I'm still sick and can't enjoy this beautiful weather, how my life is not as glamorous as a famous blogger, and so and so on. Honestly, I could keep going.

I remember reading an article on depression a few years ago. This article mentioned that people who were grateful had less depression. One way to implement gratitude was to write down a few things you were grateful for before you went to bed. Writing down what you're thankful for made you focus on the positive and less on the negative.

I used to write down 5 things I was thankful for and 5 things I wanted the Lord's help on...and yes, this truly helped eradicate my depression and low moments. Then I got lazy and stopped doing this activity. Tonight I began writing in my beautiful shabby chic notebook remind me of all the positives in my life and the abundance I have from God.

I took my negative thoughts and turned them into positives. Here's a quick snapshot of what I'm grateful for today.

Today I praise God for...
*Having a job - it may not be my dream job, I may not enjoy the people I work with, but it allows me to have food in my belly, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in. It also allows me the flexibility to work from home when needed. THANK YOU LORD.
*His Healing - my flu is not completely gone, but I no longer have a fever and I'm able to have a conversation for a few minutes without it turning into a violent cough. The Lord is healing me from this awful flu.
*Flowers - just looking at them brings an instant smile to my face
*Vacations - this weekend I plan to take a trip with friends! Excited to take time off work, relax, and have fun.
*Friends and Family - those closest to me know that I've been unhappy with my job, so they have been helping me look for new opportunities. I have amazing loved ones!

Have you tried this approach for your depression or even those ugly moments when negative thoughts try to invade and tell you lies? Focusing on the positive is such a great way to give thanks to the Lord and boost your mood. What are you grateful for today?

I hope you are having a joy filled night with lots of love, gratitude, and positive thoughts! Xo

September 6, 2016

Fade Hair Dye Quickly

A few days ago, I had my hair highlighted and stressed to the stylist the importance that my highlights must be ashy...not brassy. Anytime I mention "golden" highlights to a stylist, my hair comes out orange and brassy - nowhere near gold. Every girl with dark hair like me will understand most of the time the end result of highlighting your hair means orange stripes rather than sexy sun-kissed goddess hair.

I emerged from the salon with a head full of white least the highlights were ashy and not orange? The results were an odd mix of zebra and old lady...not a good look. I went home and immediately dyed my hair with a box of Palty hair dye in Bitter Cappuccino. Then I had that "oops, did I just make things worse" moment. I didn't mind how the top of my head turned out, the highlights were a bit darker and more warm, which is what I wanted - to add more warmth back in. However, the lower half of my hair was now a weird gray-brown...again, not attractive. I knew the dye would eventually fade over time, but I'm impatient, so I searched to quickly fade hair dye.

I soon found that vitamin c works similarly to lemon juice in lightening hair. I didn't follow any step by step instructions, which I probably should have to avoid irritation. Since, I already had a bottle of vitamin c powder at home, I poured a lot...and I mean a lot...I literally dumped the powder into my shampoo. Then left it on for about 20-30 minutes and rinsed. And voila, most of the dye was stripped from my hair. To avoid making mistakes like me (I used so much that even after I rinsed my hair, hands, and face - my face was left with a mild vitamin c damage, but definite irritation for the entire evening, following onto the next day). I recommend measuring out how much vitamin c you're going to use and wash it out of your hair, hands, and face...thoroughly.

Bottom line - vitamin c mixed with your shampoo works! Try it out but be cautious with how much you use and for how long you leave it in your hair. Some people mentioned they monitored the vitamin c concoction in their hair every 10 minutes to ensure they achieved the lift they were looking for in removing the dye. I do have to mention the highlights that were not originally covered by the box dye became even more ashy after the vitamin c just be careful if you're like me and haphazardly covered your hair with dye. Also, it is drying, so make sure to follow up with a deep conditioner.



P.S. If you're looking for a cute, flowy, layered cut - I found this amazing stylist's YouTube video on how to cut your own layers! I cut just a small bit of my hair and gave my choppy layers a more refined look. I may also have to set up an appointment in the future since she's located in the bay area.


September 4, 2016

How to Feel Better When You're Sick

I've been sick this Labor Day weekend. No fun at all. While everyone is out and about in the beautifully mild weather, I've been coughing my head off with chills (oh, the joys of a mild fever) and a runny nose. Here are a few tips I found to help while I'm feeling ill.

I am no doctor, so please do use your own judgement with any of these items I've listed. They help me with the common cold/ flu symptoms, but I know what works for me does not always work for you.

1) Fluids - It's true...drink tons of water, herbal tea, lemon water plus honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted in water) plus honey. It's crazy how fast you become dehydrated when you're ill. Once I started drinking the ACV plus honey, my body started to expel the trapped mucous, which helped lessen the sore throat and coughing. Also, take vitamins! I try to load up on vitamin C while I'm sick.

2) Sleep - This is also an old but true adage. While you're sick, get more sleep than normal because your body is fighting to heal and return to its normal state. You will feel more fatigued than usual, so it's important to add in those extra Zzzs. I force myself to get more sleep during this time because I know this will help me recover more quickly. Yay for naps!

3) Do things you love - Of course this is limited to indoor activities because I wouldn't say you should go swimming while you're sick if you love being in the water...but watching your favorite shows (I've been having a Law & Order: SVU marathon) or online shopping or even blogging can help you feel better and distract you from all the fun your friends are having during the holiday.

4) Squeeze in some Jesus time - Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is read when you're sick, but praying, reading the word, and spending quality time with the Lord will boost your mood :)

5) Eat - Again, the last thing you want to do is eat while you're sick. My appetite greatly decreases when I'm not feeling well...mainly because it's hard for me to breathe and eat simultaneously when I'm coughing my head off. However, it is important to get some nutritious meals so your body can fuel up and fight whatever is causing you to feel ill. Some of my favorites are oatmeal and soups - these are so soothing for those with sore throats and gentle on your stomache.

6) Take Medicine - If all else fails and you must go out as we all have responsibilities and obligations - take some over-the-counter meds to help alleviate some of the favorite is works really well for me. Taking over the counter medicine is my last resort because I try to go the holistic route of taking vitamins and herbs. However, taking medicine is a quick fix that works when you must function as's like placing a bandaid over a's only temporary. Please do your own research and make sure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients or medicines before taking and always follow the dosage instructions on the box or bottle. I will be taking some Mucinex before I go out tonight to a friend's place. Also, if you must go out, carry a few cough drops with you just in case you have a coughing fit.

7) Hot Showers - I enjoy taking hot showers, because the steam helps to open up my sinuses and also helps to alleviate some of the soreness in my throat - this means I can breathe from my nose and swallow for a short period of time. It's also very relaxing and will help lull you into getting more rest. I'm doing that just now...took a hot shower and about to take a nap :) During this time, I like to inhale peppermint essential oil as it clears up my sinuses even more, providing temporary relief.

I hope you are enjoying a healthy Labor Day weekend and not ending summer with a cold like me! Xo

September 2, 2016

Gilmore Girls // A Year in the Life

I know it's only just September (and not even Labor day has passed yet), but who's excited for the return of Gilmore Girls (on Netflix)...this girl!

Growing up I didn't have access to cable and wasn't able to watch a lot of mainstream TV shows due to my strict parents, but as an adult when I signed up for Netflix (and cancelled my cable as I was paying an arm and a leg for it), Gilmore Girls was one of the first shows I watched. It did not disappoint. I imagined living in a quaint little town like Stars Hollow, drinking coffee all day, and working in a cute inn! Also, the mother-daughter relationship in the storyline is just the sweetest.

After tough days at work, I'd come home and watch a few episodes...I'd be swept away into Lorelai and Rory's fun yet complex life in their New England home. Gilmore Girls was definitely one of my ways to decompress after stressful days at work.

I can't wait for the girls to return on November 25th - I'll just have to re-watch episodes until Thanksgiving weekend :) Once released, I will be binge watching the new episodes all weekend long!

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