August 13, 2016

My Brother // This Week's Favorites

I was fortunate enough to take a few days off from work and spend it with my brother basking in the sunshine fog and ocean air. I love Big Sur and my brother, so I thought it was appropriate to share and explore such a beautiful place together! However, yesterday ended up being 65 degrees fahrenheit (85 degrees back home!) and most of the parks were closed due to the Monterey fires :( ps. THANK YOU FIREFIGHTERS!

We still got to enjoy quality time during the drive and over our lunch. We stopped by Nepenthe for the views or lack thereof (thanks crazy, thick fog), but we were able to have our lunch outside with the heat lamps on to keep us me warm.

The previous day, we took a nice, long, hot hike to enjoy the outdoors in an open space preserve near my parents'. It's quite the park with lots of different trails and lovely scenes of nature. We immediately came upon a heron and at the end of our hike we were greeted with a young male deer just enjoying his afternoon snack.

Today was a lovely Saturday spent at the rose garden with my brother before he leaves later this week. It's always so nice and special to have my brother home. Now, I just wish my sister would take a break from her exciting travels and come home, so all 3 of us would be together for once - it's quite the feat and does not happen often with all 3 of us in different time zones.

Hope you are enjoying the summer with your loved ones! Xo

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