August 21, 2016

Michelle Loves

1) Nars Blush 

I've rediscovered my Nars Orgasm blush and am finally enjoying it. This is the 3rd pan that I've purchased and the only time I've actually appreciated it. First time I purchased was way back in college after I saw how beautifully, glowy my sister's cheeks looked - she told me it was Orgasm! I bought it, dusted it on my cheeks, and nada - you could hardly detect I was even wearing blush. A few years later, post-college, I purchased it again due to my obsession with blush, and again nothing, so I gave it to my sister (she's done pretty well with my unfortunate Nars Orgasm blush purchases). A couple years ago as I was perusing the makeup section at Nordstrom, the Nars sales assistant convinced me to try Orgasm even though I told her it does nothing for me. For some reason when she applied it, my face looked so glowy. I bought it and tried it at home, and yet again it just looked strange on my cheeks, however, I was not giving up. I placed it away in hibernation for a few years and finally, just yesterday, I tried a little bit of Orgasm, and my face looked so nice with pinky cheeks! I think it's due to the fact my face is so pale now, the color finally has a chance to show up on my cheeks :)

2) Old Navy Dress

Seriously, the most comfortable dress! The Ribbed Knit Halter Midi dress fits like a glove, is affordable, and perfect for those warm summer days and evenings. Another benefit is that you don't have to shave your legs due to it's midi-length. Just throw on a chambray shirt and you're good to go! The dress is currently on sale at Old Navy, so I'd grab them in all the colors!

3) Jo Malone Body Cream

I'm currently enveloped in this luxurious scent - it's my favorite! I don't normally indulge in fancy-schmancy body creams - I honestly love my Dove Cream Oil lotions, but I recently ran out, so I was forced to use my Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Creme. This is my ultimate favorite scent in the eau de parfum and I've received so many compliments! When I pair the fragrance with the body creme - it's just heavenly. I also love the Red Roses scent - this was actually my first Jo Malone purchase :) Plus, Nordstrom provides generous samples, so I always love asking for a few in my favorite scents as they are so convenient when traveling.

4) My Saturday Outfit of the Night - #OOTN

My comfortable yet warm outfit for Saturday night! So easy and effortless, but still chic for a birthday celebration.

Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans
JCrew Factory Shirt
JCrew Bauble Necklace
Barbour Quilted Jacket
Tory Burch Miller Sandals

5) Brooklyn - the Movie

I just watched this film for the third time with my friend today! I'm obsessed to say the least. My friend and I were both tearing up while watching - this is such a sweet story and the costumes are just so beautiful. I am loving the name Eilis Lacey. I can't wait to read the book next!

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