July 13, 2016

My Guilty Pleasure // Duck Dynasty

I'm so excited Duck Dynasty is back on! They're on their 10th season now...so crazy!

I have many TV guilty pleasures and Duck Dynasty is one of them. No one but my family knows how much I love this show. I still remember when I watched my first episode many years ago. It was Christmas evening and my sister, brother, and I had just finished Christmas dinner and were lounging around watching TV. Nothing was really on except for marathons of the Dog Whisperer (which we had already watched all episodes). My sister landed on the A&E channel and they were airing a marathon of Duck Dynasty. For some reason my sister didn't change the channel and we were soon mesmerized by the show and laughing so hard till our stomaches hurt. My sister and I still tease each other about how much we enjoy watching the show. It's hard to choose a favorite character, but Uncle Si ranks high up there. The entire family is so cute, have great morals, and I love how they always end each episode with a prayer.

They encourage adoption, love, and forgiveness. Their family looks so fun!

Mia is also a favorite. I cried watching the episode with Mia's surgery. She's such a brave little girl. Anyway, I could go on and on about each of the family members!


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