July 31, 2016

Michelle Loves

1) Lazy Saturday Mornings

I LOVE Saturday mornings where I can sleep in and just lounge around in bed (yes, this is a luxury I enjoy, which does not happen often enough). I'll have my coffee in bed and watch Youtube videos, research fun makeup and skincare products, and catch up on my favorite blogs...all while in my comfy pajamas :)

2) Comfortable Sleepwear

Comfy knit jersey dresses are perfect to lounge around the house and sleep in. They're also the most comfortable attire when working from home. I love the affordable ones from Target

3) My Sister

And her amazing travels. I am just loving her life! She took some time off work to travel the world. Her most recent adventure was visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. She is truly living and loving life. Plus, look at those elephant kisses...so, so cute! She inspires me to bravely do what I love with her fearless attitude towards life.

4) Green smoothies

This delicious smoothie includes my vanilla protein powder, collagen powder, frozen greens (spinach, kale, etc.), frozen bananas, berries, pineapple, and peaches. This is the best way for me to take in my veggies and fruits :) I'm currently sipping on this smoothie while I research a possible career change.

5) New Blogger

I just discovered this sweet, Jesus-loving girl on Instagram! I've read through some of her posts and she is just so encouraging. I highly recommend checking out her blog for some positivity and sweetness :)

I cannot believe July is already over and tomorrow we welcome August. Hope you are having a relaxing and blessed weekend! xo

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