July 24, 2016

Michelle Loves

This past week I was loving...

1) Walks in Nature

With all my free time before my new job, I spent most of it outside, taking lovely hikes in nature. These are some vibrant California poppies that I came across while hiking to Alamere Falls.

2) Roses

Fresh flowers are always welcome in my home :)

3) Pedicure

Believe me, a pedicure was needed for my poor toes. This is Essie's Jump in my Jumpsuit.

4) Church

Recharging with the Lord at church. Church has always given me so much encouragement. I truly need to carve out time for small group. I've had the strongest urge to fellowship and connect with others.

5) Staying Hydrated

Brought out my pink heart printed BKR water bottle to stay hydrated over the weekend. It's been so warm here lately and I'm loving it!

Hope you have a blessed week! xo

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