July 17, 2016

Michelle Loves

I'm currently loving...

1) Fresh Flowers

And a clean apartment. I L-O-V-E a clean home! Clutter and mess stress me out. I can't wait for more blossoms to bloom to have the scent invade my space.

2) Clearer Skin

Using my AHA+ on a consistent basis is making my acne scars fade much faster! My skin is far from perfect...I still have so many acne scars from the past and some breakouts now, but I always notice significant improvement when I use AHA+ :) I like this version because it also includes licorice root that helps to calm inflammation.

3) Sleep

The past couple of months have been so hectic with the new job. I'm able to get some much needed rest over the weekend. Just looking at my shabby chic bedding makes me so happy and less stressed.

4) Quality Time with the Lord

During the week, I don't spend as much time as I need in prayer and devotion. Weekends are great for not only catching up on sleep, but for recharging with the Lord...the best.

Desperately praying that the Lord brings comfort, healing, and peace during these evil and tumultuous times in this world. There is so much sadness, but Jesus brings his compassion and love to all. Continue to have hope, faith, and love.

I hope you have a blessed week! xoxo

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