July 9, 2016

Happy Weekend

Work has been so ridiculously busy, so I've been cherishing any down time I can get during the weekend. This is one weekend where I won't have to work too much (i.e. less than 2 hours) and have no real plans or obligations. THE BEST. Today, I took a beautiful walk outside in my parents' neighborhood. So much beauty.

Weekend checklist:
Sleep in 
Clean + laundry 
Spend time with family + friends 
Relaxing, breezy walks out in nature 
Healthy meals 

Gorgeous white flowers from my walk today. It was the perfect summer afternoon with a light breeze to match.

In an effort to be healthier, I ate a salad! If you know me, I have a huge aversion to anything healthy...especially vegetables. This salad was made a bit more appetizing with some guacamole and basil. Yum.

So excited to try this new sunscreen purchased from Sephora. I am a zinc oxide sunscreen junkie and this is the highest zinc oxide I've seen for the face. I'm hoping Drunk Elephant answers my prayers for the perfect mineral sunscreen.

Sunday will be church with a friend...and a little work. Hopefully, more rest than work!

Hope you are having a relaxing and fun weekend! And I hope you're enjoying the new blog format! xoxo


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