July 11, 2016

Beauty Review: Drunk Elephant

I was so excited to purchase and receive this high non nano zinc oxide (20%!) face sunscreen. It even has such cute packaging and for quality face sunscreen (looking at the great ingredient list), it's incredibly affordable compared to some others on the market. However, Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense Protect + Preserve SPF 30 (wow what a mouthful) was such a disappointment for two main reasons. One reason that many reviewers lamented over, which I was hoping I could fix by sheering out with my face oil, didn't work.

1) Pilling, rolling, peeling, etc. I've run into this issue with several zinc oxide sunscreens and even though many reviewers complained about this problem, I was hoping I could overcome it with my face oils. Nope. As soon as the zinc starts drying, and if you touch your face at all, you'll leave a trail of white lint coming off your face. Real attractive.
2) The scent. How come not one of the reviews I read touched on the offensive smell of the sunscreen? I never thought I was that sensitive to smells, but I guess if it's straight up on your face and directly underneath your nose, any type of smell would irritate. To me this smells musty. Gross. Yes, after 8 hours of wear, the smell finally fades away but that's 8 hours later! No, thank you.

A few other things worth mentioning:
  • Some people complained about the glitter. I didn't notice much glitter, although there was some. Personally, I love shimmer, so the slight glitter didn't bother me, but something to keep in mind.
  • This sunscreen felt uncomfortable on my face. No, I didn't breakout, although I only wore it for two days, so who knows if it would have irritated my skin enough to cause breakouts. The sunscreen itself felt scratchy on my face. The texture was a bit grainy, not smooth.  At the end of the day, when I washed it off, my face felt very sensitive. I wouldn't recommend to those with sensitive skin.
It retails $38 at Sephora and back it goes. I was also considering this Tatcha sunscreen - have you tried?

Did Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense work for you? Are there any other Drunk Elephant products I should try? Haha, so many questions, I know!


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