May 13, 2016

current shoe obsession { aquatalia }

today's post is a bit different from the usual friday favorites. i just started a new job this week and it's been a whirlwind to say the least! to help wake me up and be bright eyed for work, i've been checking out some new "work" booties while getting ready in the morning. i'm currently in love with cute booties from Aquatalia, however, they are so expensive! i'm saving up for one of these. which do you like best? i want them all in the mushroom color!

'Francie' Weatherproof Perforated Bootie 

now, i must run before i'm late for work! happy friday! xoxo


May 6, 2016

friday favorites

last night's post was intense but here are this week's favorites to lighten things up :)

cute workout clothes - i went a bit crazy shopping at the nike stores in las vegas. my friend is able to get a 30-40% discount on items, so i always end up buying way too much at nike with my friend. i'm just loving these light tops for the gym (i sweat way too much, so light tops are necessary).  i also purchased these cute sneakers - they are so comfortable, it's like walking on pillows. i love them so much, i'm contemplating buying a second pair in grey and pink!

tory burch marion quilted sandals - i caved and splurged on these summer sandals. the weather needs to warm up again so i can step out in these beauties!

dairy free ice cream - it's been 3 years since i've gone dairy free (i.e. no ice cream, cheese, sour cream, etc.) and since then so many companies have come out with awesome dairy free alternatives. now, the fake dairy is nothing like the real thing but i am enjoying the options that are now so easily available main stream. i've only dug into the coffee caramel fudge (so creamy), but can't wait to try to chunky monkey flavor as well! i've heard the chocolate flavor is not as creamy as the other flavors. the chocolate flavor seems to have similar consistency to traditional coconut and almond milk ice cream i've had in the past. yes, i watched youtube video reviews on the dairy free ben & jerry's ice cream flavors before purchasing hehe.

tea - i'm a sucker for the republic of tea flavors (and marketing), so when i saw the trio set for their detox teas i had to have it. i purchased the set on the left to sample all three but only ended up enjoying the middle flavor. i loved that flavor so much, i bought it in the full size. it has hints of vanilla and an underlying creaminess. so delicious. if you love rooibos teas, you'll love this one. the AM tea is good as well with a hint of spearmint, but not as a flavorful as the all day tea. the PM tea was my least favorite, a bit too tart with the berries. i don't really drink these teas for their "detox" benefits, they're more for a healthy alternative to soda or sweet drinks. it's also a sneaky way for me to drink more water :)

hope you have a blessed weekend celebrating the mothers in your life! i can't wait to celebrate with my momma! happy mother's day! xo

May 5, 2016

prayers for the brokenhearted

i just received tragic news tonight of a friend's friend who has passed away. he committed suicide. i will never know why he took his life. but there is one thing i know - there is hope. there is always hope. put your trust in God. i pray for those that have hurting hearts...i certainly do. there is so much sadness in this world but Jesus is here to comfort, heal, and redeem you from your past, your sins, your sense of hopelessness. please know you are worth so much to Him. your life is so precious to the one who created you. xoxo

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