April 2, 2016

sweaty glow?

who likes to sweat? i certainly don't even though i know it's part of the "workout and release toxins from your body" process. for me sweat = breakouts, so after a workout i thoroughly enjoy a good face mask, but to be honest, i enjoy a good mask any day of the week.

sharing a couple of my favorite masks! these get the job done :) excuse the greasy hair and awkward selfie photos.


(L): manuka honey mask (R): glamglow supermud clearing mask

i'll typically do the honey mask first since it tends to clog my nose pores (gross, i know), then follow up with glamglow which pulls everything out. love, love, love this dynamic duo!

there's a few more masks i've mentioned in an older post found here. you'll find the many benefits of manuka honey listed there as well.

have you tried these masks? i hope you find them as beneficial as i have!

happy weekend! xo


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