April 15, 2016

friday favorites

my favorites for this week!

masks - my friend told me about this mask during our trip to texas last month and i tried a sample of it and loved it! its effects are similar to the glamglow mask but a lot more gentle, so you can use daily (which is what i've started doing). plus it smells like cucumbers!

AHA+ lotion - since i'm always rotating through the many products i own, i completely neglected my aha lotion. this stuff is amazing (10% glycolic acid)! i always wake up with glowing skin the next day. i love applying this all over my face before i apply my evening lotion. even though i have sensitive skin, my skin is familiar with aha products, but for those of you who have never tried aha, i'd use it very sparingly in the beginning as this can be extremely powerful and you could get a slight burn/ irritation. OR i'd start with a much lower percentage of aha/ glycolic acid so your skin can adjust to it. sometimes, depending on my skin's sensitivity, i can only use this a few nights a week or alternate every other night based on other exfoliating products i'm using.

shopping my closet/ stash - it feels great to go through my closet and see what i can donate or list on poshmark. i'm also resisting the urge to buy more skincare and makeup products by rediscovering some old favorites (i.e. AHA+ lotion and estee lauder detox mask as mentioned above).

precious reminders - lovely and sweet reminders from the Lord. this passage touched me this week as i was reading the Bible "But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more" - Psalm 71:14

happy friday! hope you have a blessed weekend!


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