April 28, 2016

current wish list { tory burch }

currently obessesing over a few more things ;) i've typically been more of a kate spade girl but i'm loving these tory burch babies!

tory burch marion quilted sandals - waiting to try these on at nordstrom or a tory burch store...i want them in the sand leather color, but i'm not sure if that will work with my skin tone.

tory burch wallet crossbody bag - love the pink shade and multi color straps!

what have you been wishing for?


April 27, 2016

vacation essentials {las vegas}

on this rainy northern california day, i'm packing for my mini vacation with friends. i'm not a vegas type of girl but my friends who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary wanted to go for a weekend full of eating, fun, and more eating. i can't wait to spend time with friends, laugh until my stomach hurts, and sit by the pool (fingers crossed it doesn't rain too much while we're there)!

here's a few items i'm bringing with me.

bathing suit & cover up - i like mixing patterns and prints with solids. the top is from J. Crew, the bottoms are from old navy, and the cover up is from Loft.

cute sandals - i LOVE these sandals from vince camuto. i don't wear them often enough! i consider them my fancy sandals :)

summer dress - i'm a no fuss (at times high maintenance) type of girl, so i just love throwing on an easy summer dress. they're so convenient and perfect for warmer weather. this delightful number is from lulus.com.

crossbody bag - my trusty kate spade bag (thanks sister!). crossbody bags are so nice for being hands free while traveling and having fun. i'm still eyeing the cute tory burch one!

lip gloss - in my last post i stated how much i really wanted to purchase the anastasia lip gloss...and i did but i hated the color, so back to sephora it goes (i need help picking out a shade!). in the meantime, i'm enjoying this gloss from clinique in kissyfit.

a good book - my all time favorite author is lucy maude montgomery. she's famously known for her anne of green gables series. her books are for "young adult" age readers, which i read at a much earlier age. i enjoy them so much still to this day. her books are such classics!

happy wednesday! xoxo

April 20, 2016

current wish list

i'm currently wishing for and obsessing over...

this tory burch bag - how perfect for spring and summer! seriously, obsessed with this bag.

nike roshe flyknits - cute nike sneakers for everyday living :)

anastasia beverly hills lip gloss - my friend has a few of these and loves them! there are so many colors...not sure which one i want to try. i think a trip to sephora is needed...and i'll need to watch some youtube reviews on swatches. i foresee spending hours on youtube watching reviews on this lip gloss.

i think i did pretty well with keeping my list fairly short. not sure how much longer i can wait before purchasing these items ;)

what's currently on your wish list?


April 18, 2016

texas love

last month i took a quick weekend trip to texas with some friends and fell in love...with the people and food :) we mainly stayed in san antonio and did a quick trip to austin, but i'm itching to go back to explore more...especially to stay here.  since our visit was a bit short there wasn't a lot that we did, but below are a few fun and delicious places we visited! i inhaled most of my food, which is why there are a lack of food photos! so sorry!

sweet yams, san antonio, tx - a small, family owned spot that offers so many gluten free and vegan options! they also have this amazing bbq chicken sandwich called "lil' chicken boy" and their sweet potato cupcake that is to die for! if you're allergic to dairy, they can even make the cupcakes without frosting, which is what they kindly did for me :) i'd also recommend their sweet potato shrimp - everything here was so delicious that we came back multiple times!

pearl brewery, san antonio, tx - such a cute area! my friend who grew up in san antonio recommended for us to check out this place.

spurs game -  i'm not an avid sports fan, but we were lucky enough to catch a san antonio spurs vs. portland trail blazers game. the AT&T Center is huge!

city market bbq, luling, tx - a-mazing bbq! we got here kind of late so most of their bbq was out (i.e. brisket and sausages), but we had a chance to try their ribs. oh my goodness...i've never had ribs so tender and flavorful where i did not need any bbq sauce...seriously so good! we stopped at this place on our way to austin based on a recommendation from one of our uber drivers.

rudy's bbq, san antonio, tx - everyone hyped this place up and i mean EVERYONE. honestly, it was a bit of a let down for me and my friends. i would definitely recommend city market bbq over rudy's, but it was a fun place to check out and their sausage was pretty good.

6th street, austin, tx - i wish we had a chance to spend more time here. there are so many cute bars and restaurants on this street! i'm hoping my yearly girlfriends trip will be in austin so we can explore this city more :)

of course while staying in san antonio, we took a visit to the historical alamo and did the river walk plus shopping!

i plan on visiting texas many more times and would love your recommendations!


April 15, 2016

friday favorites

my favorites for this week!

masks - my friend told me about this mask during our trip to texas last month and i tried a sample of it and loved it! its effects are similar to the glamglow mask but a lot more gentle, so you can use daily (which is what i've started doing). plus it smells like cucumbers!

AHA+ lotion - since i'm always rotating through the many products i own, i completely neglected my aha lotion. this stuff is amazing (10% glycolic acid)! i always wake up with glowing skin the next day. i love applying this all over my face before i apply my evening lotion. even though i have sensitive skin, my skin is familiar with aha products, but for those of you who have never tried aha, i'd use it very sparingly in the beginning as this can be extremely powerful and you could get a slight burn/ irritation. OR i'd start with a much lower percentage of aha/ glycolic acid so your skin can adjust to it. sometimes, depending on my skin's sensitivity, i can only use this a few nights a week or alternate every other night based on other exfoliating products i'm using.

shopping my closet/ stash - it feels great to go through my closet and see what i can donate or list on poshmark. i'm also resisting the urge to buy more skincare and makeup products by rediscovering some old favorites (i.e. AHA+ lotion and estee lauder detox mask as mentioned above).

precious reminders - lovely and sweet reminders from the Lord. this passage touched me this week as i was reading the Bible "But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more" - Psalm 71:14

happy friday! hope you have a blessed weekend!


April 13, 2016

my favorite eye makeup remover

this eye makeup remover is amazing for girls that wear waterproof mascara. yup, this will melt that "will never come off, stuck on your lashes like there is no tomorrow" waterproof mascara. my favorite used to be victoria's secret's makeup remover until they discontinued it...seriously so sad. but now this stuff is pretty comparable. thanks to my sister, sarah, who always finds the best eye makeup removers (she found victoria's secret and now this mary kay one)!

i've never ever used a mary kay product in my life, but seriously this stuff works like magic! my sister accidentally left it at home when she flew back to boston and it became all mine :)

this is what their site says about the product. this retails for $15.

Gently removes eye makeup, including waterproof mascara, without tugging or pulling the delicate skin in the eye area. Formula does not leave skin feeling greasy.
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes.
  • Hypoallergenic, oil-free and ophthalmologist-tested.

have you tried? what do you think?


April 11, 2016

follow me on instagram!

to keep up with my latest photos, follow me on instagram! @michellebelleloves

happy monday! xoxo


April 8, 2016

friday favorites

this week's favorites :) hope you enjoy!

lavender essential oil - this week my face has felt a bit under the weather (redness and a couple pimples surfacing), so i've been using my trusty lavender oil. i love this stuff! it's great for calming acne and soothing the soul. smells delicious! i like this brand. i'll have to do a post about my favorite essential oils soon :)

spring weather - we've experienced some amazing weather in northern california...lots and lots of sunshine.

red polish - spring weather calls for cute toes! loving this polish from essie called "a-list". i have tiny nail beds (fingers + toes, so i love the small brush on essie polish's...plus i feel like they last longer on my nails).

mad hippie facial spf 30+ - just discovered this sunscreen over the weekend and so far so good. i'm always on the hunt for an amazing zinc oxide (non nano) sunscreen with at least 10%+ zinc oxide. yes, this does leave a white cast, but i like to mix my zinc oxide suncreens with my favorite face oil, which helps cut down the whiteness.

cute baby clothes - shopping for my friend's daughter's birthday gift. i love baby outfits!

sleep - this is a favorite always but this past sunday, i was reminded how crucial it is to get some rest. i was out very late on saturday night and had to get up extremely early on sunday for an antique fair adventure with friends. i slept for a total of 2 hours that night and was EXHAUSTED the entire day (even though i had so much fun with friends). cozying up in bed on sunday night was a dream come true.

southern charm - it's back! yes, the bravo channel is my guilty pleasure ;) i'm so excited southern charm has returned for their third season. my favorites are landon and cameran! landon is so sweet and cameran is so sassy, hehe :)

what have you loved this week? happy friday!


April 6, 2016

poshmark: to buy or to sell

come check out my poshmark closet! i'm currently in the process of organizing and downsizing my closet, so i'm starting to list a bunch of items here. i've never sold or bought anything on poshmark (i've never sold anything online in general) so i'm a bit nervous and will see how this process goes.

my zara faux fur coat and small pink H&M bag are both for sale!

here's a few items i've currently listed. let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

i've also started perusing the different shops and i'm so tempted to buy, but i must resist! maybe after i sell a few items, i'll revisit buying items on the app :)

have you sold or purchased anything through poshmark? how was your experience?

happy shopping! xoxo


April 4, 2016

monday mood { take me to the sea }

my current mood...

beautiful destin, florida during golden hour :) miss this so much! this was taken last may when my family went to visit my brother for his pinning ceremony as an army EOD technician.

dreaming of sun, sand, and sea...happy monday! xoxo


April 2, 2016

sweaty glow?

who likes to sweat? i certainly don't even though i know it's part of the "workout and release toxins from your body" process. for me sweat = breakouts, so after a workout i thoroughly enjoy a good face mask, but to be honest, i enjoy a good mask any day of the week.

sharing a couple of my favorite masks! these get the job done :) excuse the greasy hair and awkward selfie photos.


(L): manuka honey mask (R): glamglow supermud clearing mask

i'll typically do the honey mask first since it tends to clog my nose pores (gross, i know), then follow up with glamglow which pulls everything out. love, love, love this dynamic duo!

there's a few more masks i've mentioned in an older post found here. you'll find the many benefits of manuka honey listed there as well.

have you tried these masks? i hope you find them as beneficial as i have!

happy weekend! xo

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