June 23, 2013

happy weekend

i love love weekends :) especially the weekends where the only thing on the list is to relax...which is just what this weekend was about!

enjoying a gorgeous saturday

finally tried l'oreal infallible eye shadow...such a pretty blue!

enjoying a cup of tea while reading my special US weekly mag that my momma bought me :)

my absolute fav lip stain that matches my hot pink lululemon pants exactly!
also, loooove these lululemon pants for lounging around and running errands.

some good reads with my fav candle

haha this definitely did not fill me up for dinner...but i am trying to incorporate  more fresh veggies and fruits into my meals as i am getting s-e-r-i-o-u-s about skincare! my fav salad...arugula with cherry tomatoes and tuna plus lemon juice as dressing :)

and just discovered this channel on youtube...love this cute family! ahhh...it makes me want to live in ireland so badly :) i miss europe sooo much, sigh. one day i will go back and visit the country side ;)
anyway, the husband and baby on this channel just make it amazing! the mom is great too but the daddy is sooo funny and c'mon, the baby is just adorbs..enjoy! xoxox

hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

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