April 15, 2013

my heart is breaking...prayers for Boston

i still cannot comprehend what has happened today. my heart sank when i first heard the news - i couldn't believe it. boston has a very special place in my heart as that is where my sister has been living for the last 10 years. today was supposed to be a positive and happy day celebrating a tradition that was started in 1897. it was patriot's day for goodness sake!

any sort of tragedy hurts, but this one has hit so close to home as i know so many people that live in boston. my sister was <this> close to going to the marathon and watching at the finish line but last minute her and her boyfriend decided to go to the red sox game at fenway park. my best friend's sister lives 1 mile from the twin bombings and every year goes to watch at the finish line however she had just traveled back from california this morning and was resting at home...she was also <this> close to being at this horrific site. i am ever so blessed and grateful my loved ones are safe and sound at home.

i wish i could be in boston to help and comfort but as i cannot i will be praying for those in pain. there are so many ways to provide assistance as well...here is one way to help.

we will heal from this tragic event with God's love, help, and protection. please stay safe and hug your loved ones for just a little bit longer, xo.

God bless Boston xoxo

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