February 22, 2013

beautiful reminders

love, love, LOVE this...makes me so happy especially after the not so great day at work i had today. such sweet and beautiful reminders of what truly matter :)

happy friday night! TGIF! xo


February 16, 2013

need this lip gloss

must have! bobbi brown high shimmer lip gloss in HOT <3

more pictures here! and first fell in love while watching this youtube video...love tanya burr, she is SO cute!

happy saturday! xo

February 8, 2013

who you are...jj heller

am LOVING this song that i just heard from jj heller. this song embodies exactly how i feel...i don't know what you're doing but i know who YOU are <3


February 7, 2013

throwback thursday?

i've been seeing this trend..."#tbt"...haha the whole hashtag thing cracks me up, but i digress...i happened upon this old pic of me with bangs...i'm semi-missing bangs right now...thinking of cutting my own bangs again...maybe? this was taken almost exactly 4 years ago in boston for valentine's day/ my sister's birthday. miss. xo


February 5, 2013

umm, in love with this.

i'm kind of in love with this <3 can't wait xoxo


February 3, 2013

saturday night at the saddle rack

wore this to a cowboy bar tonight...decided to mix things up with some gold polka dots & pink rather than the usual plaid that everyone wears ;) xo

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