January 28, 2013

latest obsession: lip glosses

for the last 2 years i've been all about lipsticks and was tired of the look and feel of lip glosses. last year i purchased my first nars lip gloss (i know, i can't believe it took me 28 years before i purchased a nars lip gloss, craziness i know...but i blame that on my first bad nars lipstick purchase...i chose the wrong color for me and decided to hate nars lipsticks, which, of course, i don't anymore).

here i'm wearing nars lip gloss in misbehave and nars blush in outlaw <3

my 2 nars lip glosses...angelika and misbehave. LOVE both of them and just adore nars lip glosses! i'm very sensitive to taste and smells in cosmetics and i'm happy to say i don't taste or smell any of the "plasticky" scent others report. i'm loving nars make-up more and more everyday...i think i'll have to do a blog post just on the brand!

how heartbreakingly sad was tonight's episode of downton abbey!?! why did lady sybil have to die :( :( she was so sweet and just gave birth to her baby...sigh. hopefully no more deaths in downton! aside from the sadness from downton abbey tonight, i hope you have a wonderful week! 


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