October 26, 2013

happy saturday night!

i don't believe in halloween and don't normally dress up (i can count the number of times i've dressed up on one hand)...but since my friend was having a party for her birthday/ halloween...i obliged :)

hope you have a fun saturday night! xo

i don't do the "sexy____" costumes...i'm more of a cover yourself up and dress cute type of girl :) minnie mouse outfit with nars lip combo for me (cruella, scarlet empress, and valparaiso)!

October 20, 2013

bobbi brown french pink...for a good cause :)

so excited to try my new bobbi brown blush tomorrow!


September 14, 2013

rest and peace

little reminders during stressful and pressure filled times at work. started a new job a little over a month ago and it's been a whirlwind of craziness! trips to NYC,SF, back to NYC on sunday and then once a quarter flying to LA...lots of meetings and lots to get done! trying to find a little peace in everything. hope you have a relaxing and peaceful weekend xo


July 8, 2013

skincare: favorite face masks...for glowing skin

here are a few of my go-to masks for when my face is feeling dull, dehydrated, and congested. enjoy!

1. aztec secret indian healing clay mask - it's been several years since i've used the aztec secret healing clay mask...i used it during my high school years almost once a week..yup my skin was pretty resilient back then. when i entered my early twenties and my skin went haywire, i used the clay mask in hopes to calm down the acne, which unfortunately at the time it didn't help at all b/c my cystic acne was an internal problem so i discontinued use of the mask. but now this clay mask is back in action :) side note: i've cleared my cystic acne by taking supplements - that will be for a separate post.

for my extremely oily yet dehydrated (yes, why is my skin so crazy like that), sensitive, eczema, acne prone skin - i use this every 2 weeks to once a month depending on how my skin is behaving...once a week would be a bit too much for my sensitive skin these days. this is one powerful clay!

haha i can't move my face!
there are so many different ways to utilize this clay mask and one of my favorites is mixing it with apple cider vinegar and manuka honey (the honey makes it a bit more gentle)...apparently this recipe is similar to a mask cleopatra once used! this blog has a great summary of the different recipes using this powerful bentonite clay :)

2. manuka honey mask - this is an all around super hero. manuka honey has so many great skin and health benefits...it's antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral just to name a few. honey is extremely moisturizing, soothing, and healing as well. when i have the time, i love using this mask daily...i slather this on 30 min before i take my shower and i'm left with smooth, calm, healthy skin. sometimes i'll take a spoonful of this in tea or eat straight from the bottle b/c it is so good for you! when i'm not feeling lazy, sometimes i'll add a bit of lemon juice and vitamin c powder (l-ascorbic acid) for extra oomph to the mask!

note: manuka honey is different from regular raw honey - you need to use a UMF of 10+ or higher (this is equivalent to MGO 100+ or higher) to reap the therapeutic benefits. when i use honey with MGO 250+, i can only leave this on my skin for a maximum of 30 minutes...if i leave it on any longer, i end up with small little rash-like bumps on my face :( basically it's just way too powerful (i think it's the hydrogen peroxide action causing this). so, definitely be careful, choose the right strength, and monitor how your skin reacts to this powerful mask!

3. dr. hauschka rejuvenating mask - i've re-purchased this mask at least 4 times. when i was breaking out horribly in my early twenties, this helped my skin feel and look slightly better. it wasn't the best mask especially for the price, but it was reliable. now that my eczema is in full swing, i've noticed my skin reacts SO well to this mask...it soothes and brings down the inflammation of the eczema spot like no other. now i think my diet and face oils have been helping the eczema as well, but this mask is contributing so much to how quickly the spot is healing.

i'll leave this on for at least an hour but my favorite is when i don't have anywhere to go and leave this mask on all day at home. some people will apply the mask like a moisturizer and sleep in it overnight...that's how gentle it is!

4. i'm still on the hunt for the best papaya enzyme mask. i used to use the zia papaya enzyme mask religiously in high school and college and i really attributed my clear and even toned skin to that one product. unfortunately, when zia sold her company, this new company changed the formulation of the papaya enzyme mask :( i've tried the alba botanica's papaya enzyme mask and the elemis enzyme peel but nothing has worked as great as the original zia papaya mask. if any one knows of a really great, all natural papaya mask - i'm open to recommendations. also, looking for a great AHA mask...of course mychelle had to go and change their fruit fiesta peel from glycolic acid to lactic acid. my skin reacts extremely well to glycolic acid and not so much to lactic acid..why must companies always change the formulation of products that work so well for me...boo.

hope you can enjoy the benefits of these masks for healthy, glowing skin :)

happy monday! xo

June 27, 2013

summer nights

love warm summer nights :) took a spontaneous drive up skyline with some friends tonight after dinner! weather was so perfect :)

the view & clean, fresh smell was breathtaking! hope you're enjoying your summer evenings.


June 25, 2013


today was a work from home kind of day on this gloomy june tuesday :)

hope you're having a great day! xo

June 24, 2013

make-up mondays

nothing crazy here, just your typical everyday face make-up :) wearing chapstick, covergirl eye shadow, milani liquid eye liner in purple, maybelline turbo volum express mascara, nars dolce vita blush, and a little concealer on some post acne marks. yup, and i love my vibrant blue prabal gurung for target blouse. have a great monday! xo

June 23, 2013

happy weekend

i love love weekends :) especially the weekends where the only thing on the list is to relax...which is just what this weekend was about!

enjoying a gorgeous saturday

finally tried l'oreal infallible eye shadow...such a pretty blue!

enjoying a cup of tea while reading my special US weekly mag that my momma bought me :)

my absolute fav lip stain that matches my hot pink lululemon pants exactly!
also, loooove these lululemon pants for lounging around and running errands.

some good reads with my fav candle

haha this definitely did not fill me up for dinner...but i am trying to incorporate  more fresh veggies and fruits into my meals as i am getting s-e-r-i-o-u-s about skincare! my fav salad...arugula with cherry tomatoes and tuna plus lemon juice as dressing :)

and just discovered this channel on youtube...love this cute family! ahhh...it makes me want to live in ireland so badly :) i miss europe sooo much, sigh. one day i will go back and visit the country side ;)
anyway, the husband and baby on this channel just make it amazing! the mom is great too but the daddy is sooo funny and c'mon, the baby is just adorbs..enjoy! xoxox

hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

June 16, 2013

happy father's day!

my handsome dad with his girls :) so blessed!

hope you're having a beautiful day! xo

June 8, 2013

make-up essentials

i LOVE make-up and buy way too much but when it comes down to it i have a quick, no fuss routine in the morning before i run out...10 min tops! occasionally i'll wear a dramatic lip but usually, i don't wear much. here's a quick run down of my go-to products.

i've re-purchased these products multiple times (aside from the mac brush)...that's how much of a staple they are and proof of how much i love them!

  • sonia kashuk large powder brush...such an amazingly soft brush! love it to apply my blushes
  • mac 109 small contour brush...perfect to apply my lorac highlighter
  • maybelline the turbo volume express waterproof mascara in very black
  • nars blush in dolce vita
  • almay clear complexion concealer in light/ medium...use this on my acne scars only
  • shu uemera eye lash curler...always
  • lorac perfectly lit luminizing powder in spotlight
  • milani liquid eye liner in 07 purple
  • covergirl black eyeshadow in shimmering onyx...love the glitter specks! i know this may not be for everyone
  • nars lip gloss in angelika
  • whole foods organic peppermint lip balm...threw this in b/c i can't live without chapstick! constantly re-applying throughout the day

i'll have to do a skin care/ supplement post very soon :)

happy weekend! hope you're enjoying beautiful, warm weather wherever you are :)


May 12, 2013

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to all the mommas out there! <3 thank you for all that you do!

love her <3! 

my mother's day OOTD calls for cream lace dresses and sparkly zara flats (my fav thailand purchase) :)


May 10, 2013

my (current) favorite things...5.10.13

sea buckthorn oil is THE best...seriously skin changer...life changer! need to do a separate post on this stuff. simply amazing :)


April 20, 2013

red lips and miu miu sunglasses

happy saturday, lovelies! what a beautiful day it is! so grateful that boston is safe, and beyond thankful to our law enforcement, medical responders, and countless individuals who put their lives on the line to help those in need these past few days <3 there are no words to describe how blessed i'm feeling...my sister and all her friends are safe and sound! thank you GOD!

on this gorge sunny day, i'm wearing my new miu miu tortoise shell (slight) cat eye sunglasses... LOVE! and nars red lips (combo of cruelle velvet matte & scarlet empress). off to hang w/ my mom and then to a birthday party...wearing my new aldo wedges! not sure what outfit i'm wearing tonight, but def including my wedges :)

hope you have a beautiful and blessed saturday! xo

April 15, 2013

my heart is breaking...prayers for Boston

i still cannot comprehend what has happened today. my heart sank when i first heard the news - i couldn't believe it. boston has a very special place in my heart as that is where my sister has been living for the last 10 years. today was supposed to be a positive and happy day celebrating a tradition that was started in 1897. it was patriot's day for goodness sake!

any sort of tragedy hurts, but this one has hit so close to home as i know so many people that live in boston. my sister was <this> close to going to the marathon and watching at the finish line but last minute her and her boyfriend decided to go to the red sox game at fenway park. my best friend's sister lives 1 mile from the twin bombings and every year goes to watch at the finish line however she had just traveled back from california this morning and was resting at home...she was also <this> close to being at this horrific site. i am ever so blessed and grateful my loved ones are safe and sound at home.

i wish i could be in boston to help and comfort but as i cannot i will be praying for those in pain. there are so many ways to provide assistance as well...here is one way to help.

we will heal from this tragic event with God's love, help, and protection. please stay safe and hug your loved ones for just a little bit longer, xo.

God bless Boston xoxo

March 8, 2013

celebrating women

happy international women's day! the boys at my office were so sweet and got delicious bundt cakes for us ladies! they even framed a nice quote so we can remember this day forever haha :)

the quote is quite fitting...since i work for a "mobile" company lol.

i had never even heard of this day until today! how sweet it is to be appreciated ;)

hope you ladies had a wonderful women's day xoxo!

February 22, 2013

beautiful reminders

love, love, LOVE this...makes me so happy especially after the not so great day at work i had today. such sweet and beautiful reminders of what truly matter :)

happy friday night! TGIF! xo


February 16, 2013

need this lip gloss

must have! bobbi brown high shimmer lip gloss in HOT <3

more pictures here! and first fell in love while watching this youtube video...love tanya burr, she is SO cute!

happy saturday! xo

February 8, 2013

who you are...jj heller

am LOVING this song that i just heard from jj heller. this song embodies exactly how i feel...i don't know what you're doing but i know who YOU are <3


February 7, 2013

throwback thursday?

i've been seeing this trend..."#tbt"...haha the whole hashtag thing cracks me up, but i digress...i happened upon this old pic of me with bangs...i'm semi-missing bangs right now...thinking of cutting my own bangs again...maybe? this was taken almost exactly 4 years ago in boston for valentine's day/ my sister's birthday. miss. xo


February 5, 2013

umm, in love with this.

i'm kind of in love with this <3 can't wait xoxo


February 3, 2013

saturday night at the saddle rack

wore this to a cowboy bar tonight...decided to mix things up with some gold polka dots & pink rather than the usual plaid that everyone wears ;) xo


January 28, 2013

latest obsession: lip glosses

for the last 2 years i've been all about lipsticks and was tired of the look and feel of lip glosses. last year i purchased my first nars lip gloss (i know, i can't believe it took me 28 years before i purchased a nars lip gloss, craziness i know...but i blame that on my first bad nars lipstick purchase...i chose the wrong color for me and decided to hate nars lipsticks, which, of course, i don't anymore).

here i'm wearing nars lip gloss in misbehave and nars blush in outlaw <3

my 2 nars lip glosses...angelika and misbehave. LOVE both of them and just adore nars lip glosses! i'm very sensitive to taste and smells in cosmetics and i'm happy to say i don't taste or smell any of the "plasticky" scent others report. i'm loving nars make-up more and more everyday...i think i'll have to do a blog post just on the brand!

how heartbreakingly sad was tonight's episode of downton abbey!?! why did lady sybil have to die :( :( she was so sweet and just gave birth to her baby...sigh. hopefully no more deaths in downton! aside from the sadness from downton abbey tonight, i hope you have a wonderful week! 


January 20, 2013

sundays are made for church and downton abbey!

& a little glitter! ;) simplifying things with a little glitter.

happy, long weekend...love, love. XO

January 15, 2013

kora organics by miranda kerr!

this exciting discovery deserved a second post of the evening! what!?!? how have i just discovered miranda kerr's organic skincare line and blog!?! so crazy excited! love this girl and her passion for organic skincare as i grew up only using organic and natural products!

cannot wait to dive deeper into all her products and blog posts! XO

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