December 21, 2012

vacation has officially begun :)

officially off work for the rest of the year as of 7:30pm PT today :) !!!

ate dinner, ready for a shower, and then off to my deliciously comfy bed! yup, vacation is off to an exciting start ;)

things that are currently making me smile :)



December 13, 2012

sweet reminders

sweet, sweet reminders for crazy busy, anxiety, and stress filled days...XO!

December 8, 2012

birthday snapshots :)

had a wonderful birthday :) took the day off from work, slept in, went to the beach and enjoyed lots of sunshine and butterflies...even got a sapphire necklace with diamonds! the necklace setting looks so similar to princess kate's wedding ring :)

hope you're doing well! Q4 is crazy busy as usual...the only thing keeping me going is my upcoming trip to thailand/ vietnam...17 more days!
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