November 27, 2012

my little brother :)

so happy i got to facetime with my brother :) :) :)

love you!!!! XO


November 25, 2012

my favorite time of the year :)

yeah, i'm definitely a water baby and am an island girl at heart but christmastime is my favorite (i was, of course, born in december!) :)

my tiny 4 ft christmas tree :) the christmas decorations are slowly coming together! hope you're enjoying the season...i love everything about this time of year...the smell of fireplace in the air, as well as the smell of cinnamon & spices, being near family & loved ones, and the possibility that anything can happen a la love actually :) xo

November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving 2012!

soooo truly grateful for my family, friends, our armed forces fighting for our safety everyday, and rose-scented candles :) oh, and of course Jesus! hope you have a blessed and delicious thanksgiving! can't wait to eat way too much tomorrow :)

my absolute favorite candle scent! can't believe they're discontinuing this scent...gotta stock up now!

grateful for these two <3 and miss them dearly! so proud of my little brother; praying he and all soldiers stay safe and warm in afghanistan. thinking of you little brother during this thanksgiving holiday, i appreciate you! xo

hope your thanksgiving holiday is filled with loved ones and that your tummy's are filled with lots of deliciousness :)


November 18, 2012

roses, candles, and wild ginger

some of my favorite things from this past weekend :)

costco roses :)

sunshine :) lots of rain was forecasted for the weekend but we had tons of unexpected sunshine!

my new mercury glass votive candle pretty!!

i cannot stop wearing tom ford's wild ginger lipstick. it's my fav!!!

my new indian sari-made throw from west elm :) such pretty patterns <3

AND who else is excited for thanksgiving this week!?! can't wait for all the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, and so much more!!!! of course the day after thanksgiving means....christmastime! this is my favorite time of year :) hope you had a warm & cozy weekend, xoxo

November 11, 2012

happy weekend

SO grateful to the Lord for weekends :)

tonight felt like a rosey lips and coral cheeks night :) excuse the frizzy hair ;) i'm wearing covergirl lipstick in divine and nars blush in exhibit a

it's getting so cold here, so brought the uggs out today :) and watched wreck-it ralph...seriously such a good movie! i liked it better than the new james bond movie, skyfall.

hope you're having a wonderful weekend! have a blessed sunday :) XO

November 6, 2012

summer in november

i feel a bit guilty that us californians have been experiencing unusually warm weather while the east coast has been recovering from a horrible hurricane :( i am thankful that my sister in boston and my cousin in long island survived sandy and are doing well! in any case, i hope everyone enjoyed the weekend :)

finally purchased my fav disney movie :) had to grab it while it was being re-released...diamond edition! oh, cinderella...

SO excited for my new book purchases. i've already begun "the happiness project", so excited to start my own! first...sleep early, second...organize my closet, third...exercise...working towards these in baby steps :)

hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

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