October 20, 2012

snapshots: end of summer, start of autumn

wow...how is it already almost end of october!? where did this month go? it's been a busy 3 weeks filled with lots of family time and work (what else?) haha. below are some photos of my life in the past few weeks...goodbye summer, hello fall! xo

wearing leopard print loafers to pick up my little brother from the airport :) this was the start of our heat wave the last week of september.

this just got real :( prayers for my brother and his company...blessings to all soldiers who fight for our freedom & safety.

family trip to monterey :)

adorable parents :)

hike with my brother and momma

yay sister has arrived from boston! family is complete :)

 a day at the beach...california coast

horse back riding with the fam near my parents' house <3 such a fun & beautiful day..love

my second delicious voluspa candle bought on a whim after work. the perks (and dangers) of working in downtown palo alto...immediate access to shopping!

my harvest & autumn decorations :)

ahhh, the last remnants of summer at my parents' house. warm, beautiful, sunny weather.

people say california misses out on the beautiful changing leaves of autumn but i'd have to disagree. my parents' house and neighborhood is lined with trees and beautifully changing colors of orange, red, and yellow! hello autumn!

SO happy the weekend is here. i think a trip to sephora is needed :) will keep you posted on any new make-up purchases...hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter, and make-up ;)


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    1. aww, thanks lady!! hope you are doing well! you're posts (fb and blog) have been amazing XO :)


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