September 11, 2012

shocking pink

nars schiap...this has been on my *make-up* wish list for as long as i can remember. why did i wait this long to purchase!?

my favorite hot pink lip stick is still my ysl rouge pur couture #7 le fuchsia but if i'm going for a real neon pink - it's schiap all the way! also, got the blush in's also nice but looks a little bit orange on me :( i think it'll look better when my skin has less of a tan. if not, i'll just give this to my looks fab on her light, pale skin!

nars desire blush
nars schiap lipstick 
(not wearing the blush in this photo)

...and i am in love with the polish :)

the story behind nars' schiap lipstick...

francois nars was fascinated by elsa schiaparelli and created nars schiap lipstick as a tribute to her. elsa pretty much brought the color "shocking pink" into fashion which was called Shocking - this was the "bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together" color :) you can read vogue's story here!

as summer comes to an end and fall approaches, i've been craving bright lip colors :)
L-R: nars schiap, chanel rouge coco gabrielle, revlon's lip stain in lovesick, ysl's #7 le fuchsia, & chanel allure in lover

& we will always remember...9/11...blessings and love, xo


  1. wow, I love your pink lipstick!
    It's such a lovely colour :-)

    Francesca xo


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