September 10, 2012

boo for sick days but yay for fun days with my mom :)

took a sick day from work today and am now sitting in my bed, sipping coffee, and trying to feel better/ go back to sleep for some rest. since i can't fall asleep, i thought i'd post some photos of my day with my mom...getting lost in the rose garden from saturday :)

my mom is so funny ;)
one of my mom's faves :)

loved just getting lost in the roses :) so beautiful here! i felt like a kid in a candy store ;)

one of my faves :)

i want to get lost in these gardens again :)

such beauty...inside and out! xo

love her so much!!

there were so many more photos, but had to stop myself here :)

hope you have a wonderful monday! XO



  1. Replies
    1. aww, thanks! these photos make me happy too :) i just took a look at your blog and i'm so intrigued! i'm sitting on pins and needles for the next post! xo


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