September 20, 2012

looooong days

after a trying and challenging, and not to mention loooong 12 hour work's so encouraging to read these words :)

just for fun ;)

i this! i needed both these reminders at work today ;) 

my 4 day weekend is fast approaching! i've taken a few days off to play with my little brother who will be visiting from kentucky (i just need to get through friday). my sister is arriving from boston in a few weeks and we'll be a big happy family once again...for a few days, at least :) i can't remember the last time all of us were together as a family (i think it's been about 2 yrs)! can't wait! xo

ps. my new fav blush right now is bobbi brown's sand pink...i love it more than pale pink! i love looking at bright, pink blushes (goodness knows i have way too many) but the ones that look best on my skin are actually the colors that look quite boring in the pan (nars dolce vita & bobbi brown sand pink)...go figure haha!

was so excited to wear my new target flats today :)

hope you have a very happy friday! XO

September 17, 2012

kate middleton, bobbi brown cosmetics, and more

i chalk it up to all the glorious photos of kate and william i've been seeing from their current south east asia trip...i had to know what make-up kate was wearing and immediately run out and buy it. i googled all over and the same products came up...the same products she used on her wedding day. so, i couldn't hold back any more and bought more blush :) and of course i couldn't just buy the bobbie brown pale pink powder blush, but i, of course, had to purchase the sand pink color pippa wore as well on kate's wedding day ;)

so gorgeous! kate and william are such a radiant couple!

me wearing pale pink :)

a stop over to target as i saw these babies on sale :) less than $20...can't get better than that!

my bobbi brown pale pink & sand pink blush and nars lip gloss in angelika. this gloss has returned my love of glosses...i was on the longest lipstick/ matte lip look but this gloss is so pretty!

my yummy smelling candle from anthropologie :)

hope you had a blessed monday! Xo :)

September 13, 2012

shopping my make-up bag!

i feel that i've been neglecting my other blushes since i've been obsessed with my nars' blushes. so over the weekend i decided to wear my bobbi brown blush in apricot...i loooooove just looking at this is the prettiest pink/ coral and it makes me so happy!

i don't really wear highlighters any more since my face became very oily, so there was no need for highlighter haha. however, i decided to pair my bobbi brown blush with lorac's luminizing powder in spotlight...and it gave my cheeks the prettiest, pink glow :) i used mac's 109 brush to apply both. i'm also wearing my absolute favorite (seriously, so obsessed) revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain in lovesick. i LOVE the lip color and it feels so nice on the lips. the best part? when the color starts wearing off the lips, it wears off so evenly and leaves the prettiest stain. i've been looking for a stain like this for years! it's my HG for lip least in the lovesick color :)

just a quick make-up post today :) have you found some old products that have been gathering dust in your drawer? have you re-discovered any new loves from your make-up stash? XO

September 11, 2012

shocking pink

nars schiap...this has been on my *make-up* wish list for as long as i can remember. why did i wait this long to purchase!?

my favorite hot pink lip stick is still my ysl rouge pur couture #7 le fuchsia but if i'm going for a real neon pink - it's schiap all the way! also, got the blush in's also nice but looks a little bit orange on me :( i think it'll look better when my skin has less of a tan. if not, i'll just give this to my looks fab on her light, pale skin!

nars desire blush
nars schiap lipstick 
(not wearing the blush in this photo)

...and i am in love with the polish :)

the story behind nars' schiap lipstick...

francois nars was fascinated by elsa schiaparelli and created nars schiap lipstick as a tribute to her. elsa pretty much brought the color "shocking pink" into fashion which was called Shocking - this was the "bright, impossible, impudent, becoming, life-giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together" color :) you can read vogue's story here!

as summer comes to an end and fall approaches, i've been craving bright lip colors :)
L-R: nars schiap, chanel rouge coco gabrielle, revlon's lip stain in lovesick, ysl's #7 le fuchsia, & chanel allure in lover

& we will always remember...9/11...blessings and love, xo

September 10, 2012

boo for sick days but yay for fun days with my mom :)

took a sick day from work today and am now sitting in my bed, sipping coffee, and trying to feel better/ go back to sleep for some rest. since i can't fall asleep, i thought i'd post some photos of my day with my mom...getting lost in the rose garden from saturday :)

my mom is so funny ;)
one of my mom's faves :)

loved just getting lost in the roses :) so beautiful here! i felt like a kid in a candy store ;)

one of my faves :)

i want to get lost in these gardens again :)

such beauty...inside and out! xo

love her so much!!

there were so many more photos, but had to stop myself here :)

hope you have a wonderful monday! XO


September 7, 2012

deployment :(

my brother is headed off to afghanistan soon...some time before the end of this year :( and i'm not looking forward to it at all but...maybe he'll meet prince harry while he's over there!? hahaha

thinking of my brother being so far away and so close to danger makes me reminisce our childhood. taking it back with some old family photos :)

oh little and your cute dimples...xoxo :)

so happy it's the weekend!! going to the rose garden with my mom tomorrow :)
hope you have a wonderful and relaxing one!

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