August 30, 2012

these will always be in my medicine cabinet...

ok, ok...i lied :( this post isn't about my nars purchases but due to an unforeseen and stubborn pimple, this post will be about some all natural products that are great for your skin. these also are not just great for acne but are powerful all-purpose products.

i'm not really going to go over dr. hauschka's rejuvenating mask or's AHA but i'll just say they're both really nice for my skin...nothing spectacular but i always receive consistent results with these two... they both moisturize and help any type of inflammation on my skin go down.

now, before i go into my favorite all natural products i'll give you a little background about my skin without going into a whole long spiel. growing up i had really nice skin with the occasional stubborn pimple around the TOM. middle school, high school, and college i had acne-free skin...and i didn't have to do much - i just washed twice a day, applied moisturizer, and that was it! super easy to maintain. then i turned 23...and my skin went crazy. my chin broke out in painful cystic acne. i was desperate and tried pro-activ which made my face even worse...what a hot mess that was. i ended up getting retin-a micro to reverse the damage...but it took at least a year to two years to reverse the damage. and my skin is still not back to's so high maintenance now :( i still will get cystic spots and a couple weeks ago before my TOM i got a huge one. yup, i have had this mountain between my eyebrows for 2 weeks now. i thought by 28 i wouldn't have any acne problems hahah how wrong i was!

it's been a while since i've had a cystic spot that's been this large and stayed on for this amount of time so i started freaking out and googling what products i could use to help bring this to a head and heal it. and what did i find!? manuka oil! yup, i had a dabble into manuka honey before but i had never heard of manuka oil. so here's goes my list of all natural, mvp products!

and so sorry...that was a pretty long story haha

  • manuka oil: this is amazing. it's 33x more powerful than tea tree oil. it's effective when used as an antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory. i just started using it sat nite and it's started drying out my cystic mountain of a pimple! people have even claimed that when they catch their cystic pimple early enough and apply this oil, they can squash it right then and there and the next day the pain and small bump are both gone! make sure you only use a small amount and a trans-dermal carrier (emu oil, aloe vera gel, or jojoba oil) to ensure the oil penetrates deep down into the cyst. manuka oil does so much more! google it :)
  •  emu oil: when you use manuka or tea tree oil one thing people always left out was the importance of a trans-dermal carrier! what even is that!? basically if you apply manuka oil onto a cystic pimple it will just sit on the top layer of the skin. your cyst goes deep down past the first layer of's not a normal pimple. so in order for the oil to work, you need a carrier. this carrier will penetrate the skin carrying the oil with it into the cyst. first apply your manuka oil, and then apply your carrier. emu oil does so much more than just act as a trans-dermal carrier! athletes even use this for sore muscles, and much, much more! google this one too :)
  • aloe vera gel: i don't even think i need to explain this one :) it's a great moisturizer, refreshing, healing for burns, acts as a trans-dermal carrier, and the list goes on and on! 
  • tea tree oil: this is similar to manuka oil but since i heard manuka oil is 33x more potent, i opt using manuka oil for my cystic pimples. however, tea tree oil is also very strong and great as an antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial as well :) this will work wonders for cuts and scrapes and is great to have on hand. be careful though, this is also very strong and should be used sparingly!
  • manuka honey: i continually read that using manuka honey at a UMF 15 or higher is great for skin! however i've used manuka UMF 5 and it seemed to work well for my skin as well. i'm currently using MGO 550+ which i believe is the highest rating for manuka honey? not sure, but this is what my dad has told me :) i'm blessed with the fact i grew up with amazing access to all natural and holistic products as my dad owned a health food store :) i would just say be careful with manuka honey at a super high rating as well b/c it too is very powerful (which i didn't realize..oops).  i did this honey mask with the 550+ and left it on my face for 40 min and it caused small, rash like bumps on my chin...nothing major but my chin was definitely irritated but it's getting better now. i think this weekend i will try the mask for 15 min and see how it goes. manuka honey is wonderful as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial b/c it produces hydrogen peroxide...manuka honey is used for wound dressings! 

wow...this post was waaaay longer than i expected and i should go to bed so i can get up early for work! i know what works for me won't necessarily work for you and your skin's needs but i just thought i'd share what i can't live without :) overall these are great all natural products and will help troubled skin and maintain healthy skin but definitely do your research and google these items before trying them out!

hope you found this helpful! xo



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