August 19, 2012

product rave: chanel protective base coat

ok...i'm just going to say it. i'm lazy when it comes to nail polish. i usually just slap it on and tend not to worry about painting "in the lines". however, after reading laura's post here on the chanel base coat, i began lemming for it. i bought it a few months ago but *just* used it last week, and i wore it under opi's caviar & vodka (again, thanks to laura's past youtube video recommendations :)) to test it out. and boy, oh boy when i took off that red polish tonight, let me just say...that's the easiest time i'v ever had with removing any red polish! laura raves about how this base allows her to apply even the streakiest polish with ease and it was definitely a much more smooth process having the base on. why, oh why have i waited so long to use a base coat? life would have been just a little bit easier ;)

now i'm not sure if all base coats are created equal since i can't really compare the chanel one with others, but i am sure there are cheaper alternatives out there. once i use up this bottle, i'll be checking out the drugstores brands just to see if there is a difference :)

sneak peek at my next post :)

i couldn't resist. make-up, nars, and hot pink are my guilty pleasures after a long and challenging week.

hope you're doing well and have a blessed sunday! xo


  1. Love treating myself too after a hard week!

    I wanted to let you know, I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Come on by my blog to accept it!

    Contgrats & Happy Thursday!


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