July 13, 2012

letters to juliet...and thoughts on traveling

so, after a stressful and busy day at work (and a freezing one at that - thanks SF summers), this is what my friday evening looks like :) well, after eating a large cheeseburger and sweet potato fries hahah!

i've been a huge fan of amanda seyfried after watching her in mamma mia and it was recently rekindled after watching her in dear john on tv (how could i forget how beautiful her voice is!?) - loved the movie dear john so much i had to buy it and saw letters to juliet as well, which i've always wanted to watch (and it was on sale), so i thought "buy it now!" haha.

oh sweet verona, italy...the setting for the tragic yet beautiful love story of romeo & juliet...as i'm watching letters to juliet, i am getting a huge desire to travel...yup, i've been bit by the travel bug! it's been waaaay too many years since i've traveled abroad (7 years to be exact). i need to start thinking of my next trip... like now :) ok back to the movie! xo

ps. i think i've finally figured out my dream wedding location...in a castle...in italy..or france, i'm not picky :) someday XO

happy friday night! :)


  1. I love Letters to Juliet! Great movie! I agree it definitely makes you want to travel.

    Check out and follow my blog too if you'd like!

    Xoxo Lil

    1. haha yup :) a sucker for those romantic movies! xo


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