May 20, 2012

nars blush and some kate spade! plan of not buying any make-up until i use up a product has failed horribly..haha! i've already bought a few drugstore mascaras and today i purchased a new nars blush...eee..didn't need another one but i've been dying to try amour :) ahh just love that name! i'm going to wear it tomorrow and post some pics. i have to say that i l-o-v-e nars blushes!

i own 6 but have owned up to 7 different colors (bought orgasm twice but each time didn't like the way it looked on me so gave both to my sister). i own (in no particular order): dolce vita, taos, exhibit a, sin, oasis, and amour. out of the 6 i own, oasis is my least favorite :( the color is just ok (nothing special to me) and waaay too glittery! i'm hoping the glitter is just on the surface of the pan and that i can scrape or dust it off...i'm going to find a way to use it even if i just use it as an eye shadow!

here i'm wearing nars blush in sin :) ahhhh i love this color! also wearing nars velvet matte lip pencil in cruella mixed with nars scarlet empress lipstick :)

 my momma's new kate spade purse :)

 my new kate spade purse :)

i even love the quote on the dust bag! xo

hugs and kisses! hope you're having a great weekend :) xo


  1. Sin looks gorgeous on you (sounds weird!) as does the red lip look. Pretty! xx

    1. thanks girlie! :) and yes, the nars blush names are soo strange!


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