May 18, 2012

lots and lots :)

of change! sorry i've been mia :( been so swamped at work and busy with friends and family! and....i got the pretty sweet news i had been waiting for last week...a new job offer! i gave my 2 weeks notice this monday and my last day at my current workplace is next friday! i'm not gonna's kinda crazy..kinda scary but oh-so exciting and exhilarating at the same time! can't wait to start my new job at the new company...just need to get through the next 6 working business days :( ahhh will i survive!? i'm scurred for tomorrow...friday is gonna be off the a crazy bad way! end this post on a positive note..i'm so happy i took a chance and made the decision to change. rather than be unhappy in my current job, i took action and the end result was better than i had hoped for ;)
don't give up. there is always hope. take a chance and get ready for lots of blessings :)

happy friday! love and hugs :)


  1. love the message of the picture. It's so true! :)

  2. cute!!!

  3. aww thanks gals! happy saturday :) xo


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