May 21, 2012


i tried my latest blush from nars in amour and it is so pretty! i think it would look lovelier when my skin is tan :)

side note: i spent the afternoon chasing a 2 year old :) and i'm so exhausted! my old manager's son is just too cute and so funny...he just loves cleaning and playing with vacuums, brooms, and swiffers. this little guy cracks me up!

back to nars blushes :) this is what i've decided: sin looks amazing on my skin when it's pale; exhibit a, taos, and amour look amazing when my skin is tan; and dolce vita looks great whenever!

ahh this is my last week at my current job...i pray it goes by fast! i am dreading monday but hope it's less painful than's to having a great monday! xo


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