May 27, 2012

by the grace of God...

the grace of God sets us free...what amazing truth and beauty!

loving this wonderful sermon from pastor Gary Wilkerson (pastor David Wilkerson's son).

hope you have a blessed sunday and memorial day!! xo

May 23, 2012

ooooh SF office love...

yup, this is the view from my new company's new SF office (can't wait to start next friday!). last night was a crazy party to celebrate the new office! drinks, networking, hors d'oeuvres, and chocolates galore!

view from last night...

 view from the office during the day...

yup, pretty amazing...literally right across the ferry building! my fave!! :)

hope you're having a fabulous week!! xo

May 21, 2012


i tried my latest blush from nars in amour and it is so pretty! i think it would look lovelier when my skin is tan :)

side note: i spent the afternoon chasing a 2 year old :) and i'm so exhausted! my old manager's son is just too cute and so funny...he just loves cleaning and playing with vacuums, brooms, and swiffers. this little guy cracks me up!

back to nars blushes :) this is what i've decided: sin looks amazing on my skin when it's pale; exhibit a, taos, and amour look amazing when my skin is tan; and dolce vita looks great whenever!

ahh this is my last week at my current job...i pray it goes by fast! i am dreading monday but hope it's less painful than's to having a great monday! xo


May 20, 2012

nars blush and some kate spade! plan of not buying any make-up until i use up a product has failed horribly..haha! i've already bought a few drugstore mascaras and today i purchased a new nars blush...eee..didn't need another one but i've been dying to try amour :) ahh just love that name! i'm going to wear it tomorrow and post some pics. i have to say that i l-o-v-e nars blushes!

i own 6 but have owned up to 7 different colors (bought orgasm twice but each time didn't like the way it looked on me so gave both to my sister). i own (in no particular order): dolce vita, taos, exhibit a, sin, oasis, and amour. out of the 6 i own, oasis is my least favorite :( the color is just ok (nothing special to me) and waaay too glittery! i'm hoping the glitter is just on the surface of the pan and that i can scrape or dust it off...i'm going to find a way to use it even if i just use it as an eye shadow!

here i'm wearing nars blush in sin :) ahhhh i love this color! also wearing nars velvet matte lip pencil in cruella mixed with nars scarlet empress lipstick :)

 my momma's new kate spade purse :)

 my new kate spade purse :)

i even love the quote on the dust bag! xo

hugs and kisses! hope you're having a great weekend :) xo

May 18, 2012

lots and lots :)

of change! sorry i've been mia :( been so swamped at work and busy with friends and family! and....i got the pretty sweet news i had been waiting for last week...a new job offer! i gave my 2 weeks notice this monday and my last day at my current workplace is next friday! i'm not gonna's kinda crazy..kinda scary but oh-so exciting and exhilarating at the same time! can't wait to start my new job at the new company...just need to get through the next 6 working business days :( ahhh will i survive!? i'm scurred for tomorrow...friday is gonna be off the a crazy bad way! end this post on a positive note..i'm so happy i took a chance and made the decision to change. rather than be unhappy in my current job, i took action and the end result was better than i had hoped for ;)
don't give up. there is always hope. take a chance and get ready for lots of blessings :)

happy friday! love and hugs :)

May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

happy mother's day to the most beautiful woman i momma! :)

hope you have a blessed mother's day with your beautiful momma's! <3

mother's are such precious jewels from the Lord...ever so grateful for these amazing women :)

May 9, 2012

weekend snapshots

some snapshots of my cinco de mayo weekend in photos :)

 top: enjoying my margarita in honor of cinco de mayo! bday dinner for my friend in downtown oakland...who knew there were some pretty spots in this city!?! it's being re-gentrified!

bottom: laughing at something funny being said in our private cocktail room at st. george's distillery in alameda. enjoying my new polish - essie's turquoise & caicos :)

top: a photo of the group for my friend's bday! only person not in the photo is my friend leon since he's taking the photo!

bottom: cool looking gothic church in downtown oakland. and yummy fish tacos!!

hope you're all having a great week! good night :) xoxo

ps. i am LOVING my new app, picfx, to get all those cool bokeh effects ;) it's literally my new fav app!


May 4, 2012

smiles for the future :)

so excited for the future God has in store for me!! hoping and praying for some great news next week :)

 pretty pink roses are my fave <3

smiles before an important meeting earlier this week :)

hope you have a lovely weekend! i can't wait to spend it with friends..eating, tasting vodka (vodka distillery tour!), and shopping for baby shower gifts :) oh and some apartment cleaning thrown in the mix as well hahaha ;)

xo :)
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