April 22, 2012

weekend :)

hardships and challenges in your life make you cherish the sweet moments even more :) as the count of monte cristo said "only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss"!

 and boy, after long, stressful work weeks, i sure LOVE my weekends!

top: enjoying my new nars blush in sin...hate the name but L-O-V-E the color! it's the perfect golden/bronzey, plummy cool toned blush...exactly what i've been searching for. and yes, describing this blush as both "golden" and "cool toned" is an oxymoron but it so is on my skin tone! also, a sneak peek at my saturday outfit of the day :)

bottom: spent fri night watching one of my fave movies...you've got mail..sigh i'm a sucker for rom-coms :) and my mom found me rose tea from the korean market!! the tea is mild with a hint of rose...it's so nice but i'm still on the hunt for jasmine tea..i know you're out there somewhere!

top: rsvping to a lot of baby showers :) and still enjoying my nars sin blush!

bottom: enjoying my aromatherapy oil lamp that i snagged from my parents' store! and saying goodbye to the store :( it's been a great 28 years!!! it was so sweet how many wonderful customers and clients that came by to wish my parents well, leave gifts, cards, and flowers :)

hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying every moment of it :) it's so warm here it feels like summer and i LOVE it! more outfits to come that include dresses and skirts :)

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