April 20, 2012

week in photos

a quick post of my week in photos!

top: san francisco ferry building on a beautiful sunny day, my momma's gorgeous roses, my new current fav blush - sin (love love love it - review to come soon)

bottom: the most divine smelling jasmine on the front patio of my parents' house, trying to be healthier by using natural toothpaste and mouth rinse, and the most delish cupcake from miette patisserie in san francisco

and this may not be exciting to many but it was such a beautiful sight to my eyes..this was the view as i left work at 7pm today...the sun was still shining so brightly! so lovely :) and this weekend is supposed to be so warm...watch out it's dress season! :)

hope you have a wonderful friday! xo


  1. Nice picutres! :)


    1. thanks! hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Lovely pics! Enjoy your weekend:)


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