April 4, 2012

nars blushes

i've decided to put myself on a make-up ban :( i have waaaaaaaay too many lipsticks, glosses, and blushes! it's an addiction :( i know there's other people out there that own a lot more make-up than me but i feel pretty ridiculous for the amount that i've accumulated (both high and low end brands)...SO after i purchased my last 2 blushes (at least for a while) from nars last night, i decided not to buy a new blush, lipstick or gloss...unless (yup, i've put a few restrictions around my rule :D) it's a limited edition/ unique color that i am absolutely-head-over-heels in love with :) OR i use up a lipstick, lip gloss or blush. so no more impulse make-up shopping which i am famous for! haha

onto the good stuff...i purchased nars blushes in sin and oasis online (i would have bought them at the mall but the line at sephora was OOC = out of control so online it was!) and they arrive next monday - hopefully they arrive sooner...like this weekend! can't wait to try them out! these colors are not the typical colors i would go for, which interested me even more. hopefully my gut feeling on these colors is right ;)

ok this is a pic of the color oasis from the nars website and honestly, the color for sin looks exactly the same on the website haha. OH and once i do use up a blush (ha if i ever do)...the next color i will purchase is DESIRE...such a pretty bright pink color! but i must hold off...since i already own a ton of colors that look similar to that (smashbox radiance, mac her blooming cheek, stila convertible color fuchsia, etc etc..i could go on and on!)

if you're in the market for make-up use the below code at checkout at sephora.com! happy make-up shopping :) xo



  1. I love Nars blushes (I have orgasm) and the oasis colour looks lovely. Would like to see it on when it arrives. Good luck with the makeup ban! xx

    1. aww you're so lucky orgasm looks good on you! it's looks great on my sister too but not on me :( and i will definitely post pics of the blushes on asap! soo super excited to receive them :) AND we'll see how long the make-up ban lasts..haha


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