April 11, 2012

my job

since i reference work so much (and sadly it consumes about 90% of my life), i thought i'd provide some background into what i do for a living. i've been working for a digital media company for about 5 years now and most recently as an account manager in their advertising and sales department. i started in their staffing & recruiting department (this was a lot of fun - loved putting together recruiting events!), and then made my way into advertising operations (met so many wonderful people that i am still friends with today), then onto revenue operations aka finance (never, ever thought i'd work in finance), and now i'm here - digital advertising.

while i'm excited about working in the online media industry - there are a few perks associated with the job (mani/pedi sesh's with your clients, taking your clients to events - i'll be going to opening game day for the SF giants this friday) BUT and now there is a big but...the work i deal with is challenging and not the good kind of challenge but the "i deal with ridiculous/crazy/non-stop issues/problems/fires all day/everyday (yes, even sometimes on the weekends), am tied to my blackberry, and if anything goes wrong it's YOUR ass on the line" kind of challenge. that's a lot of pressure and a lot of fires to put out. now don't get me wrong, i'm super grateful that i have a job but hate that i deal with so many issues...i think i sigh about a hundred times a day...no joke. although i do love this saying "calm seas do not make skillful sailors"...oh this is so very true! i try to remind myself of this from time to time but not gonna lie...it's damn hard to stay motivated when you're non-stop dealing with issues and spread so thinly...and as one of our execs said "spread all over like peanut butter"! ha!

anyway, i always thought working in sales and advertising would be glamorous...

...a la mad men. but alas, this is my reality...

emails, emails, issues, tickets, bugs, emails, calls, and then another call, then another issue, and so and so on...

my perfect job? if money were not an issue? i would work with babies all day!! then at night i'd work in the make-up and skin-care industry :)

ahh bedtime. need a good night's rest for a loooooong day ahead of me tomorrow! goodnight! xo

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