April 1, 2012

it's all about the shoes!

yup, i caved. i finally bought myself some tory burch! i've been meaning to get the classic reva ballet flats...and i finally did this weekend! they're fairly comfortable but feel like they need some breaking in. comfort aside, i love the classic look of these ballet flats and the touch of gold adds just the right amount of sparkle to a classic look :)

and i finally got my zara flats from my sister! i bought these last december on my boston trip and totally forgot to pack them in my suitcase! look at how sparkley they are :) funny thing is that, the same day i bought these, laura from buy now, blog later totally blogged about these flats! :)

weather here in cali has been so crazy...it feels like it's having an identity crisis. 70 degrees one day, then 50 degrees the next...sunny one moment and then a rain downpour before you can even blink! i'm SO ready for spring :) the pretty footwear i've just acquired needs to see more than the carpet of my apartment! haha...

hope you have a great monday! :)



  1. I am dying for these Tory Burch flats. They are just perfect. The sparkly flats are pretty amazing too. New follower!

    1. you should totally get 'em! they match everything! :) xo!


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