April 8, 2012

happy Easter!!

i LOVE Easter :) it is such a great reminder of how much God loves us! HE has RISEN <3

i pray for miracles, love, laughter, and smiles :) may you have a blessed day! xo

sneak peek at my Easter outfit...

this week is going to be crazy :( lots of work and social things, so i probably won't blog a lot since i'll be uber stressed...or i may go the opposite route and do a ton of posts to de-stress! haha we'll see ;)

my momma's birthday was just yesterday so an outfit post is soon to come :) God blessed her day sooooo much! it was the perfect, most beautiful day! God smiled down upon us with lots of sunshine and yummy smelling flowers :)


  1. Super lovely blog!



    1. aw, thanks so much! hope you had a lovely Easter :) xo


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