April 28, 2012

marilyn monroe + make-up

like most girls, i've always loved marilyn's classic look, but it wasn't until i watched lisa eldridge's video on replicating the look that i truly learned the history around marilyn and her make-up :) she had a very special relationship with her make-up artist.

 i love watching lisa's videos :) not only do you learn how to apply make-up but you get a fascinating history lesson as well! side note: if i hadn't been a psychology major in college, i would have studied history :) anyway, i digress...if you are obsessed with make-up as i am (the old, the new, the vintage, the classic), you've probably already seen this video but if you haven't it's a must watch! there are some cool make-up tricks from marilyn's make-up artist.

these lil' tricks sound like so much fun! :) xoxo

April 23, 2012

polka dots, bows, and pleats

it's been so beautiful out! hope you all had a warm and relaxing weekend :)

on saturday i wore a fun polka dot dress with my pink bow sandals :) it's so fun mixing patterns..polka dots and florals with a dash of bows are so so fun!
dress: forever 21/ cardigan: betsey johnson/ sandals: seychelles/ necklace: francesca's collection

on sunday i decided to add a little twist to a classic...black and white :) rather than just a white top i wore a floral lace tank top with my lovely semi sheer maxi skirt. i saw a girl wear one last year and i was in love. since i'm short, i hate wearing long skirts and dresses but i'm finally embracing a longer hemline. can't get enough of the maxi ;)
lace tank top: nordstrom/ cardigan: nordstrom/ skirt: forever 21/ sandals: forever 21/ necklace: vintage austrian crystals/ earrings: vintage chanel/ toe polish: opi vodka and caviar

how fun are the pleats on the skirt!? i love it!! i bought this and another fun black skirt from forever 21 earlier this while it was still very cold out - cali style (i.e. january) and am so happy to finally start busting them out ;)

ahhh in love with the pretty, pretty roses at my parents' house! how lovely are these blooming pretties :)

love and pretty pink roses to you! xoxo :)


April 22, 2012

weekend :)

hardships and challenges in your life make you cherish the sweet moments even more :) as the count of monte cristo said "only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss"!

 and boy, after long, stressful work weeks, i sure LOVE my weekends!

top: enjoying my new nars blush in sin...hate the name but L-O-V-E the color! it's the perfect golden/bronzey, plummy cool toned blush...exactly what i've been searching for. and yes, describing this blush as both "golden" and "cool toned" is an oxymoron but it so is on my skin tone! also, a sneak peek at my saturday outfit of the day :)

bottom: spent fri night watching one of my fave movies...you've got mail..sigh i'm a sucker for rom-coms :) and my mom found me rose tea from the korean market!! the tea is mild with a hint of rose...it's so nice but i'm still on the hunt for jasmine tea..i know you're out there somewhere!

top: rsvping to a lot of baby showers :) and still enjoying my nars sin blush!

bottom: enjoying my aromatherapy oil lamp that i snagged from my parents' store! and saying goodbye to the store :( it's been a great 28 years!!! it was so sweet how many wonderful customers and clients that came by to wish my parents well, leave gifts, cards, and flowers :)

hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying every moment of it :) it's so warm here it feels like summer and i LOVE it! more outfits to come that include dresses and skirts :)

April 20, 2012

week in photos

a quick post of my week in photos!

top: san francisco ferry building on a beautiful sunny day, my momma's gorgeous roses, my new current fav blush - sin (love love love it - review to come soon)

bottom: the most divine smelling jasmine on the front patio of my parents' house, trying to be healthier by using natural toothpaste and mouth rinse, and the most delish cupcake from miette patisserie in san francisco

and this may not be exciting to many but it was such a beautiful sight to my eyes..this was the view as i left work at 7pm today...the sun was still shining so brightly! so lovely :) and this weekend is supposed to be so warm...watch out it's dress season! :)

hope you have a wonderful friday! xo

April 18, 2012

my life :)

yup. this pretty much sums up my life...in books, that is :) only thing missing is a book about make-up..vintage and new :)

advertising. fashion. Jesus. that pretty much sums it up :)

April 17, 2012

fun day off

so, my friend is here and visiting from nyc! haven't seen this girl in over a year...love her! we spent the day eating and shopping, of course :) tomorrow we are off to spend the day in sf and meet up with another old college friend! so nice to have some time off from work...although, i do admit i am checking emails part of the time: (

hehe with the creepy justin bieber cut out/ stand

my pretty guest bed quilt! my first ever simply shabby chic by rachel ashwell purchase..this is almost vintage territory ;)

wedding dress amazingness by vera wang at nordstrom

pretty lace top i wore today. received such a lovely compliment from the sales assistant at sephora about my outfit :) she said i looked so ready for spring...yup, i am SO ready for warm weather! and nooo i did not buy anything from sephora (although it was VERY hard to resist the urge to buy! we just went in to window shop :))

what i bought today :) stripes and polka dot dresses from forever 21 and an adorable floral blazer from free people! i snagged the last one! not pictured are my cute h&m bag and belt!

goodnight and pretty, pretty dreams to you all! xo


April 16, 2012

weekend in photos

oh just your standard weekend ;) haha...

spent fri in beautiful sf to watch the giants opening day game - can you believe no rain and the SUN was shining!!? the night before we had a crazy rainstorm with lots of lightening and scary thunder! i even wore my red rain boots b/c i thought it was going to rain haha! and sunday was a spontaneous wine tasting day! the weather was SO gorgeous after church that i went with some friends to a nearby winery. beautiful way to spend a magical sunday afternoon :) good wine, good friends, and cute doggies! and not pictured was delicious brunch after church :)

it's always a fun day when you wear pink lips, nars blush, orange nails, leopard print, chanel sunnies, and tory burch flats! xo

 i am loving orange nails!! :)

also some beautiful and inspiring images i found on a great fb page!
spiritually single (unequally yoked) 

oh spring is in the air :) i can smell lilies, jasmine, and roses...LOVE the smell of spring :)

hope you all have a blessed week :)

April 14, 2012

lazy saturdays :)

ahhh, i do love lazy saturdays..especially after busy weeks! this is what i wore to the farmer's market today...my usual uniform for lazy days like today :) it's all about ease and comfort.

 i'm wearing a slouchy knit sweater from nordstrom's, hollister jeans, ebay scarf, h&m aviator sunnies, and tory burch flats!

and i am LOVING my exhibit A blush...can't get enough of this pretty coral color on my cheeks :) but don't worry! i received my 2 new NARS blushes and will try them out tomorrow..so excited!

these are pretty flowers i picked up :) these are not only pretty and smell gorgeous but are for a beautiful purpose. it's been 1 year since my friends' baby passed away and they have asked us to buy flowers in remembrance of their first child <3 these are for you baby makena!

lilies are quickly becoming my favorite flowers :) they smell soooo delicious, it's unbelievable! my all time fav are roses but lilies are a close second with pink carnations and jasmine :)

ok, i'm off to clean the apartment for a friend's visit...she's coming all the way from new york :)

hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend! give your babies, cousins, nieces, nephews an extra BIG kiss and hug this week! xo!

April 11, 2012

my job

since i reference work so much (and sadly it consumes about 90% of my life), i thought i'd provide some background into what i do for a living. i've been working for a digital media company for about 5 years now and most recently as an account manager in their advertising and sales department. i started in their staffing & recruiting department (this was a lot of fun - loved putting together recruiting events!), and then made my way into advertising operations (met so many wonderful people that i am still friends with today), then onto revenue operations aka finance (never, ever thought i'd work in finance), and now i'm here - digital advertising.

while i'm excited about working in the online media industry - there are a few perks associated with the job (mani/pedi sesh's with your clients, taking your clients to events - i'll be going to opening game day for the SF giants this friday) BUT and now there is a big but...the work i deal with is challenging and not the good kind of challenge but the "i deal with ridiculous/crazy/non-stop issues/problems/fires all day/everyday (yes, even sometimes on the weekends), am tied to my blackberry, and if anything goes wrong it's YOUR ass on the line" kind of challenge. that's a lot of pressure and a lot of fires to put out. now don't get me wrong, i'm super grateful that i have a job but hate that i deal with so many issues...i think i sigh about a hundred times a day...no joke. although i do love this saying "calm seas do not make skillful sailors"...oh this is so very true! i try to remind myself of this from time to time but not gonna lie...it's damn hard to stay motivated when you're non-stop dealing with issues and spread so thinly...and as one of our execs said "spread all over like peanut butter"! ha!

anyway, i always thought working in sales and advertising would be glamorous...

...a la mad men. but alas, this is my reality...

emails, emails, issues, tickets, bugs, emails, calls, and then another call, then another issue, and so and so on...

my perfect job? if money were not an issue? i would work with babies all day!! then at night i'd work in the make-up and skin-care industry :)

ahh bedtime. need a good night's rest for a loooooong day ahead of me tomorrow! goodnight! xo

April 10, 2012

outfits and want lists

OOTD for my mom's birthday :)
top: zara, pants: ae, flats: zara, earrings: mint julep, rings: vintage, bracelets: forever 21, sunnies: prada

OOTD for Easter :)
dress: forever 21, cardigan: express, tights: franchesca's collection, boots: madden girl, necklace: nordstrom, rings: vintage, lipstick: maybelline's fuchsia fever mixed with nars velvet matte lip pencil in roman holiday

and i've been flipping through my nordstrom catalog and came across some pretty little things i must get b/c i WANT them! haha..below is my want list :)

top (left to right): vince camuto quilted spectator ballet flats in croissant/silver glitter :) and HOBO convertible leather bag in fucshia
bottom (left to right): givenchy chain and glass-pearl necklace and nine west gold glitter platform pumps

now it's time to eat leftovers of my mom's delicious lemon delight birthday cake! it's sooo good! if you're ever in the bay area you have to check out aki's bakery...they're so good that there is a line that goes out the door on a saturday! haha..a guy from out of town was in line behind me and couldn't believe how crowded a BAKERY was on a saturday. yup, they're that good people will stand in line for one of their cakes during the weekend!

hope you have a lovely night filled with glittery dreams! xo

April 8, 2012

happy Easter!!

i LOVE Easter :) it is such a great reminder of how much God loves us! HE has RISEN <3

i pray for miracles, love, laughter, and smiles :) may you have a blessed day! xo

sneak peek at my Easter outfit...

this week is going to be crazy :( lots of work and social things, so i probably won't blog a lot since i'll be uber stressed...or i may go the opposite route and do a ton of posts to de-stress! haha we'll see ;)

my momma's birthday was just yesterday so an outfit post is soon to come :) God blessed her day sooooo much! it was the perfect, most beautiful day! God smiled down upon us with lots of sunshine and yummy smelling flowers :)

April 4, 2012

the things we find comfort in...

today was a rough day at work :( my company had a huge layoff and supposedly this is just phase 1..there will be more layoffs to come. so far i'm safe but my team (and it seems like every team) was directly effected by the layoff as we lost 1 person :(

i'm so emotionally and mentally drained after today. seeing so many friends and coworkers and even acquaintances pack up their belongings into a box and leave is hard :( it was so hard to focus at work with all the distractions but relief finally came after 10 hrs of work. ahh the joys of working with account directors and rfps!

these are a few things that soothe my soul and bring a sparkle to my eyes :)

top: purchased essie's mod square...pretty pink polish makes me happy :) and reading the good word..always find comfort in the Lord

bottom: my favorite ice cream (other than mint chip)! and reading a trashy magazine to get my mind off things :)

hope you're doing well :) blessings and hugs to you! xo


nars blushes

i've decided to put myself on a make-up ban :( i have waaaaaaaay too many lipsticks, glosses, and blushes! it's an addiction :( i know there's other people out there that own a lot more make-up than me but i feel pretty ridiculous for the amount that i've accumulated (both high and low end brands)...SO after i purchased my last 2 blushes (at least for a while) from nars last night, i decided not to buy a new blush, lipstick or gloss...unless (yup, i've put a few restrictions around my rule :D) it's a limited edition/ unique color that i am absolutely-head-over-heels in love with :) OR i use up a lipstick, lip gloss or blush. so no more impulse make-up shopping which i am famous for! haha

onto the good stuff...i purchased nars blushes in sin and oasis online (i would have bought them at the mall but the line at sephora was OOC = out of control so online it was!) and they arrive next monday - hopefully they arrive sooner...like this weekend! can't wait to try them out! these colors are not the typical colors i would go for, which interested me even more. hopefully my gut feeling on these colors is right ;)

ok this is a pic of the color oasis from the nars website and honestly, the color for sin looks exactly the same on the website haha. OH and once i do use up a blush (ha if i ever do)...the next color i will purchase is DESIRE...such a pretty bright pink color! but i must hold off...since i already own a ton of colors that look similar to that (smashbox radiance, mac her blooming cheek, stila convertible color fuchsia, etc etc..i could go on and on!)

if you're in the market for make-up use the below code at checkout at sephora.com! happy make-up shopping :) xo


April 1, 2012

it's all about the shoes!

yup, i caved. i finally bought myself some tory burch! i've been meaning to get the classic reva ballet flats...and i finally did this weekend! they're fairly comfortable but feel like they need some breaking in. comfort aside, i love the classic look of these ballet flats and the touch of gold adds just the right amount of sparkle to a classic look :)

and i finally got my zara flats from my sister! i bought these last december on my boston trip and totally forgot to pack them in my suitcase! look at how sparkley they are :) funny thing is that, the same day i bought these, laura from buy now, blog later totally blogged about these flats! :)

weather here in cali has been so crazy...it feels like it's having an identity crisis. 70 degrees one day, then 50 degrees the next...sunny one moment and then a rain downpour before you can even blink! i'm SO ready for spring :) the pretty footwear i've just acquired needs to see more than the carpet of my apartment! haha...

hope you have a great monday! :)

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