March 11, 2012

ready for spring!

so, today was all about resting and prepping for a new job interview on monday :) a little stressed out but i trust in God and know my future is in His hands! oh life is such an adventure :)

for a little de-stressing, i did some online shopping, haha ;) i cannot wait until these babies arrive! i couldn't help myself...i'm in LOVE with these pretty pink bows! not only are these shoes soo fab but will serve as practical shoes for when i'm in florida at the end of march (going to FL for a work sales conference...ughh, not excited for the conference but excited to visit florida as i've never been!)

you can purchase these here !

you can purchase these here !

i'm soooooo ready for spring :) warm weather hurry up and get here!

hope you're doing well :) goodnight! xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. i know, right!? :) can't wait for them to arrive and warm weather so i can actually wear them!! :)


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