March 16, 2012

pretty shoes

this has been a rough week...and it ain't over yet! but little things like mani/pedis, new shoes, and a raise make it a little better :) today was another client meeting where we enjoyed a little R&R amidst our busy schedules. AND i just got my new shoes! funny thing is (well not so funny) my shoes arrived super fast and early in time for sales conference, but we found out our global sales conference has been cancelled. oh well...i'll just have to enjoy these shoes in california :)

ps. i am LOVING my iphone. there are so many fun photo apps :) i cannot stop playing around with the phone. so glad i joined the rest of the world and bought a new phone!

hope you're having a wonderful week! yay for it almost being end of workday friday! :) 

good night, world! XO


  1. Love those shoes and congrats on your raise! That certainly makes a rough week a little easier. Xoxox

    1. thanks!! and i'm loving the shoes! it just needs to stop raining here, so i can wear them :)


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