March 13, 2012

iphone 4s equals LOVE!

yup, that's right...i've finally joined the rest of the world and got my iphone 4s today :) i've had my 3G not 3GS but only 3G..(yeah that's the original iphone) for 3 years now...since i interviewed for a mobile position, i thought it was finally time to get an updated smartphone ;) and i am looooooooooovin' it!

not so great shot of the case's juicy couture...better pic below..found on the interweb ;)

not my fav choice, but this was the best one i could find at the apple store. i'll be on the hunt for a case that i l-o-v-e love! any suggestions?

and i love getting my free people catalogs :)  some snapshots i took w/ my new phone!

 i adore all the flowers! <3

sweet dreams! XO :)

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